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Assuming the number is n; then:

2n + (6n + 5) = 8n + 5

That means five added to eight times the number

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Q: What is the sum of two times a number and five added to six times the number?
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What expressions represents the phrase six added to five times a number?

None of the "following" expressions!

What is the answer to six times a number plus eight equals five times the same number minus five?

The number is -13.

What is Five times a number added to the sum of the number and six in a mathmatic expression?

Question is about 5x + x + 6 ie 6 (x + 1)

What is three times six added to seven times five?

18+35 = 53

What is the difference of six times a number if seven results in 35?

If seven times a number results in 35, then six times a number would be five less.

When eighteen is added to six times a number the result is 168 What is the number?


What is three times two added to six times five?

It is (3*2)+(6*5) = 36

What is Five times the difference of a number and six?


Five times a number is six what is the number?

5x = 6 x = 6/5

What is five times six?

Five times six is thirty. (5x6=30)

What number is after five?

Six is the number after five.

How much is six time five?

Six times five is thirty

What is six times a number added to the sum of the number and seven?

Let n be the number. Then what you're asking for is 6n+(n+7).

What is five point six times ten?

Five point six times ten is fifty-six. 5.6 x 10 = 56

What is six times five?


What is the answer to Five times Six?


Does 6 go into 30?

Yes. Six goes into 30 five times. Because if u add six five times or add five six times, u would get the sum of 30.

What is the probability of a number cube landing on six five times?

You will get different answers depending on whether you mean:five times over a large number of rolls (a near certainty),five times in the first five rolls (1/65 = 1/7776 = 0.000129 approx)five times in a row over a large number of rolls (a near certainty).

How many times does six go into five?

0.833333333 times

How many times can you subtract six from 30?

Five times

How do you work out indicies?

Depends on what you are trying to work out, if it is just a simple number say, 5 to the power of 6 then all you do is times five by five six times so you get: 15625

How do you spell 5.566?

The number 5.566 is "five and five hundred sixty-six thousandths."(It would ordinarily be read "five point five six six.")

What is the probability of rolling a six sided number cube eight times and getting at least five three's?


How do you write out Six times a number minus five is less than twice the number plus ten?

6x -5 < 2x +10

What is five eighths times six?

Thirty eighths. Or three and six eighths.