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The Greek letter mu, in lower case, followed by a lower-case M. A mu looks like a u with a straight line coming down off the left-hand side.

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Q: What is the symbol for a micrometre?
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What is the symbol for micrometre?

The symbol for micrometre is μm, μ being the Greek symbol mu.

What is the sign for micrometre?

"µm" is the scientific symbol for micrometer

What are Mu meters?

The symbol µm refers to a micrometre, or one millionth of a metre.

What is the scientific symbol for a micrometer?

"µm" is the scientific symbol for micrometers (µ is the Greek lowercase letter "mu").

What is the millionth of a meter called?

micrometer (British spelling micrometre), symbol µm. Sometimes called a micron.It is known as 1 micron or micrometer with a mu symbol, then the metre symbol (µm)

Symbol of micrometer?

I assume you mean micrometre, but I will give symbols for micrometre and millimetre. Micrometre is μm and millimetre is mm. The μ is the greek letter mu, used I assume because the m is used for milli already.

How many nanometres equals a micrometre?

1000 nanometres = 1 micrometre.

1 micrometre how many meters?

1000000 micrometre = 1 metre

How many millimetres are there in one micrometre?

There are 0.001 millimetres in one micrometre.

What is the symbol for distance in chemistry?

The unit of length in all the fields of science and technology, in SI, is the metre; the symbol is m. In chemistry and physics are used also sub-multiples as micrometre, nanometre, picometre, femtometre.

How big is a micrometre?

A micrometre is one thousandths of a millimetre, so that 1000 micrometres is equal to 1 millimetre

What scientific tool can be used to measure accurately to two decimal place in centimeters?

A micrometre can be used.