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Q: What is the symbol for squad root called?
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What is the symbol used to denote a square root called?

That symbol is called the radical.

What is the name of the square root symbol?

The square root symbol (√) was first used in 1525, by Christoph Rudolff, and is called a radical.

What is a square root symbol is called?

The general case is just called "Root" and it continues to increase to "Square Root" then to "Cube Root" and so on.

What is the symbol for a a square root sign?

The symbol for a a square root sign is: √

What is the stock symbol for Geek squad?

Geek Squad is owned by Best Buy and so is traded on the Stock Market as Best Buy, whose symbol is BBY.

What is the number you are finding the square root of called?

The number of which the square root is to be found is called the "radicand." The symbol before the number is called the radical sign. ( √ ) E.g. √4 = 2, √25 = 5

What is the symbol to denote a root?

The radical symbol √

What is the square root symbol?

The square root symbol is like a tick with a line connected to the top. Go to and the square root symbol is displayed.

How do you insert a cube root symbol?

for a cube root symbol hold down the ALT button and type 0179 and a little symbol should appear looking like ³ this it's actually the cubed root symbol, not an s!

What does a square root symbol?

The only thing that a square root symbol does is that it symbolises an operation (taking the square root) of whatever is under the sign.

Is the symbol for the square root of 25 considered an integer?

The symbol is not considered an integer. Thevalue of the square root is, though.

What does a square root have?

The square root symbol is the radical sign, √.