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1 tonne = 1000kg of weight.

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Q: What is the symbol of metric tons mean in terms of measurement?
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What does the symbol mm mean?

The symbol mm translates to millimeter. This is a form of measurement found in the standard international metric system.

What does gram mean in math terms?

In math terms, gram means a unit of measurement. This is a metric unit of mass equal to one thousandth of a kilogram.

What does metric volume mean?

It is a measurement of volume using units from the metric system.

What is cup mean in the metric system?

There is no measurement called a cup in the metric system.

What does dag mean in metric measurement?

dag= dekagram :)

What does metric measuring mean?

It means the measurement of physical attributes or characteristics using the metric system.

What does kilometers mean?

it is a metric form of measurement, equal to 1000 meters

What does mt mean in metal measurement?

I am pretty sure it is Metric Ton.

What would be used if you were measuring the length of something in meters of inches?

There is no such measurement. There is either metric measurement or not. Do you mean "fractions" of inches?

Does the word metric system mean a measurement based on the number 10?

does international system of units mean a version of the metric system used by modern scientists

What does the c symbol mean in temp?

Celsius. It is the metric version of temp.

What does customary mean in math?

using classical rather than metric units of measurement

What does the symbol s mean in metric units?

second - the SI unit of time.

What does oz mean in terms of measurement?

Oz is short for ounce

What does pound mean in terms of measurement?

Lb stands for pound.

What does the symbol u mean when used as a measurement of thickness?

The symbol u means micro, which is the prefix for one millionth.

What does cm mean as a number?

cm means centimetre, a metric measurement of distance, a hundredth of a metre.

What does dwt mean on a scale?

"pennyweight-- a measurement of weight in the troy system equal to 24 grains, or 0.05 ounce. Its metric equivalent is 1.555 grams" --

What does metric mean in french language?

metric is spelled métrique in French. That means based on the universal measurement system in which the length unit is the meter.

What does Metric Conversion mean in math terms?

It means multiplying with constants from a non metric system (such as length using yards, feet, inches) to a metric system (using meters)

What is the number system in Russia?

number system, what do you mean? If your asking about system of measurement then it's metric system.

What does the root micro mean?

IN terms of non-measurement (e.g. micromanagement, micro scope, etc.) it means small In the metric system (microgram, micrometer, microfarad) it means one millionth of the base unit.

What is SMM of yarn count?

SMM : Spinning Metric MeasurementThat mean Count of Yarn before Dyeing using Metric system.

What does taille mean in terms of body measurement?

What is the metric unit for a glass of milk?

Is the question "what metric unit would be better suited to describe the measurement of a glass of milk"? And would the measurement be for the glass and the milk, or just the milk? Would it be mass, or volume? And by which metric system do you mean, the current SI system perhaps?

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