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In Windows: "", the so-called backslash. Usually after the drive name, as in "C:"

In Linux and UNIX: "/", the slash.

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Q: What is the symbol of root directory?
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What is the symbol used to indicate you are in the root directory in Linux?

"/" is the root directory in Linux. Make sure not to confuse this with the "/root" directory, which is the home directory for the user "root" (similar to "Administrator" on Windows)

Where is the Linux root directory located?

The root directory is usually /.

Difference between root directory and subdirectory?

C:\ is the root directory C:\folder\ is sub directory

What is root directory?

Root directory is the highest level directory and this is the directory that appears first on the screen when you start MS-DOS. Generally, 'C' Drive appears on the MS-DOS screen as root directory.

What is the difference between the root directory your home directory and your working directory?

The root directory is the top level directory of the entire file system. Every branch starts from there. The current working directory is where you happen to be in the tree at the moment. If the root is always "/" and my process is in the directory /usr/local/bin/test/data, then the root directory is still "/" and my working directory is currently /usr/local/bin/test/data

What command in Linux do you use to return to the root directory?

"cd /" will move the user to the root directory, assuming the user has permission to move to this directory, and the user has not been chroot'ed to a specific directory (which will cause "cd /" to move the user to that named directory, instead of the system's root).

What is Topmost directory in unix?

Root directory.

What is the the main directory of the disk?

root directory

What is the main directory of the disk?

root directory

What is root directory and how it is represented?

root directory is the top of the directory tree. it is \ on windows (or c:\ d:\ etc.) and / on unix/linux

How do you Locate the Linux root partition?

The root directory is indicated by a "/'. You can navigate to the root directory using the command 'cd /'.

What is the root directory?

C is the root directory in most but where ever the drive on which the windows is installed