What is the term triangulation?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Q: What is the term triangulation?
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What is a bistellar flip?

A bistellar flip is another term for a Pachner move, any of a set of ways of replacing a triangulation of a piecewise linear manifold by a different triangulation of a homeomorphic manifold.

How does triangulation work in structures?

A triangulation data structure is a data structure designed to handle the representation of a two dimensional triangulation. Triangulation is the one who is responsible for the creation and removal of faces and vertices (memory management).

What has the author Walter F Reynolds written?

Walter F. Reynolds has written: 'Triangulation in Maine' -- subject(s): Triangulation, Geodesy 'First-order triangulation in southeast Alaska' -- subject(s): Triangulation, Geodesy

Where do you see triangulation used on this structure explain how triangulation helps to make the head frame structure stronger?

Where do you see triangulation used in this structure. Explain how triangulation helps to make head frame structure stronger

What is the classification of triangulation system and explain?

i need to know the classification & order of triangulation as weel as the permissible deviations?

Do pyramids use triangulation?


What is triangulation Earthquakes?


Does the Brooklyn bridge use triangulation?

Yes the Brooklyn bridge does use triangulation. If you want proof look at a really big picture or use this link below. Zoom in and you can see the triangulation at the sides.

What has the author Jasper S Bilby written?

Jasper S. Bilby has written: 'Reconnaissance and signal building' -- subject(s): Triangulation 'Bilby steel tower for triangulation' -- subject(s): Triangulation signal towers

Is Triangulation primarily used to measure the distance of close stars?

Answer #1:no=================Answer #2:Yes.Another answer: The primary use of triangulation may not be to measure the distance of stars, but the method which is used to measure the distance of close stars is primarily triangulation.

How are the epicenter and the focus located?

with triangulation

Is there any cell phone with triangulation technology?

Yes. GSM phones (phones sold by T-Mobile and AT&T) use triangulation.