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It is the principal square root.

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Q: What is the the positive square root of a number indicated by the radical sign?
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Why can't you factor negative radical numbers?

You cannot factor negative radical numbers because the square of a number must always be positive. A negative number multiplied by a negative number produces a positive number. So, it is impossible to have a negative radical.

What is the symbol used to represent the nonnegative square root of a number?

The radical symbol ( √ ) followed by a line above what's in the radical, designates positive square root.

What is the symbol used to indicate the positive square root of a number?

It is the RADICAL SIGN , its definition is - the symbol used to indicate a nonnegitive square root.

How is a radical equation similar to a linear equation?

Technically,no. A radical equation has a radical (Square root) in it, and has two solutions because the square root can be positive or negative.

The square of a positive integer?

The square of a positive number is positive. By the way, the square of a negative number is also positive.

When you square a number the number is positive?

When you square a real number the answer is positive,

What is the radical of 5?

The square root (radical) of 5 is about 2.2361 (an irrational number)

Why cant you evaluate the square root of negative twenty five using real numbers?

using basic math principles, you can't find the square root of a negative number because in order for a number to be a square root, you have to multiply it by itself to get your radical. since a negative times a negative and a positive times a positive are both positive, it is impossible to find the square root of a negative number

How can you tell the value of a radical is a rational number?

If the number inside the radical is a perfect square or a ratio of perfect squares.

Change a mixed radical to an entire radical?

you have to square the outside number and then multiply it by the number inside the squareroot sign.

What is the square number of 32?

4 radical 2

What are the square roots in radical form?

it the number that is simfilied

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