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Q: What is the theory that you should help those less fortunate than you?
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Should we the people of UK help the people in poverty in Africa?

Yes we should, we have enough here and we should do all we can do help those less fortunate than ourselves.

Should a good citizen be concerned with improving the lives of those less fortunate?

Well, it depends. If you are well off and are able to help those less fortunate, you definitely should. Just think, if it were you on the other side, would you want some help? However, if you do not have the ability to really help the person, then you at least think about it.

Which gospel tells us to help those less fortunate?

All through the bible helping those less fortunate than you is said.

What should Jacob Marley have made his business and what does this mean?

"Mankind" should hav been is business meaning he could be a business man but he had the opportunity to help those less fortunate than himself and he didnt

What is the moral lesson to Ebenezer Scrooge?

To care for others, to take time to help those that are less fortunate

How does the graduated income tax help less fortunate?

i doesnt help the less fortunate. No taxes help them.

Why should a person be involved in a charity?

to help people less fortunate than them in the world

What should we do to help people in need Just give some example?

We should offer physical help to those in need, including helping with personal care or the gathering of food and supplies. Helping people in need can begin with volunteering in a soup kitchen, gathering blankets for the homeless, or even offering free help within your skill set to those less fortunate.

What shall you do with the things you have received from God?

If you are talking about talents, use them to serve him. If you are talking about items, you dont HAVE TO do anything, but if you believe you should, give to those less fortunate than you. You dont have to give up YOUR items, but at least help the ones less fortunate than you. Either way, thank God for whatever it is you have.

What was the answer of margie moran in miss universe 1973?

i would give it to those less fortunate people,,so that i can help them in that way,,i believe that

What are the significance of anointing the sick?

Because, in many religions, this is what God, or the prophets or whatever, told them to do. In the Bible, I am a Christian so I believe this strongly, Jesus always tells his followers to help those who are less fortunate, to help the poor. This is why it is very important to many religious people to support the sick and those less fortunate than ourselves.

Do rich nations have an obligation to help poor nations economically?

No, developed nations aren't forced to help the poorer ones.