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It is called a cove tile. It has a little curve at the bottom to connect to the floor tiles.

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Q: What is the tile piece that connects wall tile to floor tile?
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What is the difference between a wall tile and a floor tile?

wall tiles are used on walls. floor tiles are used on floors. if you want to interchange. you can make the wall tile as floor tile and vice-versa

How do you add floors on sims 3 PC?

First you have to add a staircase. then you must press the "move up floor" button then put a wall around the second floor on top of the first floor wall. then you place in floor tile. You might have to put in floor tile before the wall. You can always change the kind of floor tile later. I hope i helped.

How you can tell floor tile from wall tile if its not in a box?

Floor tile are always thicker and the clay the tile is made from on the back of the tile will be dark. I'm sure that's right but can't back it up with proof.

Can you install wall tile on the floor?

It is certainly possible to tile a floor, but bear in mind, there is much more pressure placed on the floor than on the walls, and floor tile must be laid over a solid cement base, otherwise it is going to crack.

Should you install ceramic floor or wall tiles first?

Having tiles untold bathrooms I always do the floor LAST this saves dropping tiles etc on to the nice new expensive tile. However, when tiling the walls first leave out the bottom row of wall tile (here you can place your straight edge datum, put in the floor tile then set that last row of wall tile and leave a 1/8" gap between the floor and wall tiles and fill with same water proof grout as the floor tiles have

What does the abbreviation CTW mean in a kitchen floor plan?

Ceramic Tile Wall.

How you say 'tile' in Spanish?

teja (on roof); baldosa (on floor); azulejo (on wall)

Is there a standard height for bathroom wall tile?

Generally, in the 4'-5' from floor range.

What do you call the line where a wall meets the floor and where that wall meets the ceiling?

The piece of wood that goes in between the floor and wall is called a baseboard.

What are some creative uses for leftover vinyl floor tile?

There are many practical and creative ways to use leftover vinyl floor tile. One can use leftover vinyl floor tile as pieces of art for a wall, as well as for furniture decorations and additions.

Can you use floor tile on the wall on top of old 4x4 tile?

I wouldn't recommend it. Most wall tiles are very smooth and wouldn't have any grit for the thin-set to adhere to.

Can you use wall tile adhesive on floor tiles?

YesANS 2 - I would only do that as a repair or an emergency. Floor tiles generally need a heavier and denser glue as they are being walked on - wall tile has no such stresses. ( -I have done lots of both types )

How can you change the color of ceramic tile without replacing it?

Floor tile really can't be. There are companies that epoxy wall tile and tubs. This process doesn't have a lot of long term durability.

Ceramic Tile Installation?

form_title=Ceramic Tile Installation form_header=Give your home an elegant touch with ceramic tiles. Have them installed by the pros! What room would the ceramic tiles be installed in?=_ Are you looking for wall or floor tile? = {(),Wall,Floor,Both,Unsure} Do you have exisiting tile that needs to be replaced or repaired?= () Replaced () Repaired () Unsure Desired Completion Date=_

Can you use floor tile on a wall?

Yes, you can use floor tile on the wall. It can be heavy, but if you use a high quality latex fortified thin set (NOT mastic) you should have no issues. It also should be put onto cement board for best results. In the past using floor tile on the wall was an issue because trimpieces were not easily available. With trends changing, you are seeing more with bullnose and you can always use ceramic trim like schulter. Now, you CANNOT put wall tile on the floor. They are often made with white clay and other more bridle ingredient's. Check the box, it will tell you what it is rated for.

What color wall paint would match a terracotta tile floor?

a beige or off white color.

Can you use floor tile adhesive on wall tiles?

yes you can, it may be a little over kill but it will work

Can you use floor tile adhesive for wall tiles?

You could but it's not advisableWall tile adhesive is thicker so it won't run down the wall and the tiles are less likely to slipANS 2 - I have done this a few times. If you use tile spacers, no problem.

What is the difference between a tile setter and a tile finisher?

The difference is a tile finisher preps the floor/wall or any thing that the tile is going to be put on and a tile setter is the man or woman that sets the tile in place wear they need to be...just a quick basic run down .!

Can you use glossy ceramic wall tile on a floor?

Possibly, you should speak to the manufacturer or check their website as there might be good reasons why it is qualified as wall only. 1)The glaze might not be strong enough for flooring and could wear off. 2)Since this is a ceramic wall tile it could crack when used on the floor.

If using floor tile on a shower wall do you have to seal it?

As long as it is not natural stone only the grout must be sealed.

How do you rough up the old tile to install new tile on top of it?

I have never covered up floor tile before without removing the old tile but I have covered up an old back splash with new wall tile and did nothing to go over it just used the white pre mixed wall glue to install the tile right over top with no issues.

What is quading?

A Piece of wood arch looking use to close gap at the wall corner or between wall and floor.

What is the definition of a bullnose ceramic tile trim?

Bullnose ceramic tile trim is a trim that lines the tiles of your floor or wall. This trim has a bit of a curve to it, which is where the name bullnose comes from.

What should the wall look like on twisted wizard wimpy wonderland?

it looks like a tile floor with black and white