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Well, it kind of a trick question, it depends on the felony you did. For two murders, you would spend life, but the rank of the person plays in. Also the amount of money you steal if you rob two banks. The judge and the jury's opinion plays in also, I am not am expert, try asking a local cop.

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Q: What is the time for a two time felony?
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If the person has seventy two felony counts against her pleads not guilty and plea bargains is there a chance she won't serve any time?

With that number of felony offenses - in my experience, not a chance.

Is there jail time for class 0 felony in Virginia?

ALL Felony offenses have prison time attached to them.

How much time will a teen get if they have a felony for fighting and get charged with felony vandalalism?


How much time can you get for a 3rd degree felony?

A person can get between 6 and 15 years of jail time for a class b drug felony. There is no probation awarded for this class of felony.

What is the difference between a misdemeanor DUI and a felony DUI?

Jail time. misdemeanor is for the first time to the second. third and up is felony.

Why is a felony worse than a misdemeanor?

A felony is a more serious crime. Conviction of a felony will get you more time in jail and it will have an effect on your civil rights.

Is a first time DUI a felony?

Not normally. Felony DUI in the U.S. is normally your 3rd offense.

What is the possible time to be served for two felonies?

Depends on what state you are in, however 20yrs per class B felony seems to be the average.

Is two paraphernalia charges in Kentucky a felony?

Yes ,2 counts of paraphernalia is a felony in the state of Kentucky .

How much time will a person get for a class 0 felony?

Not sure what a class 0 felony is, but almost any felony will get you at least one year in prison.

Maximum jail time in Virginia for a class 5 felony?

What is the maximum jail time and the least jail time someone can get in Virginia for a class 5 and class 6 felony

What If I Have A Non Violent Felony On Section 8 can i still be on section 8 ?

It is really up to the housing authority at the time of your application. Generally, if you have a felony they will not accept you. If a long time has passed since your felony conviction, they may approve you.