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One cycle takes 1/60th of a second to complete.

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Q: What is the time to complete one cycle of 60 Hz AC?
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How long does it take one cycle of 60 Hz current to complete one positive and one negative alternation?

An American power supply operates at 60 Cycles per second so one cycle is 1/60 of a second. A 60 Hz power system has a period of 1/60 = 0.016667 seconds/cycle.

How long does it take one cycle of 60hz current to complete one positive and one negative?

1/60 th of a second or 0.01666667 second. 1hz or 1 Hertz means 1 complete cycle per second so 60hz means 60 complete cycles per second.

How many cycles in 60 Hz?

A cycle is one complete revolution of the sine wave. Hertz is the frequency of the alternating current, how many complete cycles per second. 60 Hertz would have 60 cycles each second.

How does time relate to degrees in an AC sine wave?

One cycle of the sine wave is equal to 360 degrees. In US the frequency of power is typically 60 Hz and hence one cycle is 1/60 of a second. Therefore you can calculate the degrees at any instant of time. If at zero degrees the voltage amplitude is zero, then at 90 degrees,which is 1/4 cycle, wave is at peak voltage. At 180 degrees it is at 1/2 cycle and zero voltage and then at 270 degrees it is 3/4 of the cycle and a peak negative voltage. Finally at 360 degrees the cycle is complete and the voltage is again zero.

What is the phase of a sine wave which is offset one sixth of a cycle with respect to time zero?

1/6th of a cycle is 60 degrees or (pi/3) radians.

The period of an ac wave is?

period is the time duration of one cycle of the waveform, and is measured in seconds/cycle. AC power at 50 Hz will have a period of 1/50 = 0.02 seconds/cycle. A 60 Hz power system has a period of 1/60 = 0.016667 seconds/cycle

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A unit of "time" invented by humans which is a measure equal to 1/60 of one "minute", which is equal to 1/60 of one "hour", which is equal to 1/24 of one complete "day". The list goes on..

How much electricity is 60hz?

Electricity, or AC (alternating current) runs in cycles. It has a positive and negative cycle. One cycle is also referred to as one hertz. In electronics a cycle is also known as a hertz. So when referring to 60 hertz, look at it as seeing one cycle 60 times in a second.

How many seconds are there in one cycle as it pertains to 60 cycles?

There is one second in 60 cycles. So 5 cycles is equal to about 0.012 seconds or 12 milliseconds.AnswerThe periodic time is the reciprocal of frequency. So the answer to your question is 1/60 s or 16.67 ms.

The required output of an assembly line is 3000 units in an 8 hour shirf the required cycle time for the line is?

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