What is the top?

Updated: 10/24/2023
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the top is the atmousphere

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The top can refer to various things depending on the context. It could be the highest point or peak of something, such as a mountain. It could also refer to something that is the best or most successful, like being at the top of a leaderboard or ranking.

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Q: What is the top?
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A saying with the words the top in it?

on top of the worldtop-notchwork one's way to the topat the top of ones gameat the top of the chartsthe top of the linethe top ten

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At the top or on the top?

Both "at the top" and "on the top" are correct and can be used interchangeably in many contexts. However, "at the top" is usually used when referring to a physical location (e.g., at the top of the mountain), while "on the top" can be used more broadly (e.g., on the top of the list).

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Another word for top?

at the top of one's gameat the top of the chartstop dogspin like a topflip one's topon top of the worldwith a cherry on topshout it from the rooftopsmake it to the topTop that one!on top of eachotherat the top of the classtop of the linetop heavya top hatwork from the top downtop 40top 10race at top speedtop brass (informal, meaing the highest ranking people in an organization)on top of the worldand to top it off . . .off the top of one's headat the top of one's lista top priorityto yell at the top of one's lungstop-notchtop jobunder the big topfrom top to bottoma long climb to the toptop qualityJust try and top that!Take it from the top. (meaning the beginning)top-of-the-linego out on topto top off a drink, to top with whipped cream,

What part of speech is the word top?

'Top' can be an adjective when it describes a noun. The top card was an ace. 'Top' can be a verb when it is an action word. Can you top my score in golf? 'Top' can be a noun, a word for a place or a thing. A spinning toy is called a top. Climb to the top of the mountain.

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