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It depends on the shape. The top of a pyramid will be a point (the apex). The top (and bottom) of a prism or an antiprism will be congruent polygons.

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Q: What is the top and bottom of a 3 dimensional shape?
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What is the 3 dimensional shape called that has a pentagon top and bottom?

Its a pentagonal prism.

What is the bottom of a 3 dimensional shape called?

It is sometimes called the base.

What is the difference between the shape of a rectangular pyramid and a top down view of a rectangular pyramid?

The shape is 3 dimensional, the top down view is 2 dimensional.

What is a 2 dimensional figure that can be folded into a 3 dimensional object?

The net of a 2 dimensional shape can be folded into a 3 dimensional shape

What 3 dimensional shape is made up of 6 rectangles?

A box is a 3D shape with 6 rectangles (a box could also include squares). The rectangles are: Top/Bottom/Front/Back/Side/Side

What is a four dimensional shape?

a four dimensional shape cannot exit within our own reality because we live and occupy space in 3 dimensions and no one can change that however we can view 4 dimensional objects in a 3 dimensional world however the object itself is not occupying space in four dimensions but emulating the way it could look in a 3-d world, a 4-d shape is one in which it would exist on 2 separate planes but only occupys one e.g the top of your stairs is also the bottom but when you get there your at the top even though you just walked down.

What 3 dimensional shape has 8 faces?

the 3 dimensional shape is a octagon, because their are 8 sides.

Is a cube dimensional?

A cube is a 3 dimensional shape

What is a 200 shape called?

depends on if it is a 2 dimensional shape or 3 dimensional shape. Please be more specific.

What shape can be created by the given net?

A 3 dimensional shape can normally be created from a 2 dimensional net shape of it.

What do you call a 3 dimensional shape with 16 faces?

A 3 dimensional figure

Can a 3 dimensional shape hold liquid?

Not necessarily, if the 3 dimensional shape is a solid like a chunk of rock (with no cavity or hollow portion) it cannot contain liquid. There needs to be a cavity in the 3 dimensional shape.