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The two numbers are the multiplicand and the multiplier.

The result is the product.

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Q: What is the top two numbers called in a multiplication problem?
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In a multiplication problem the numbers being multiplied are called?

The 2 top numbers are called "Factors" the answer is "product"

What is the top and bottom numbers in an addition problem called?

Top is numerator. Bottom is denomenator.

HOW TO DIVide fractions?

first, change the division sign to a muliplication sign. then change the second number in the problem-change the numerator to the denominator and the denominator to the numerator. then multiply the top numbers and bottom numbers like regular multiplication.

What is the top number in an exponent?

Power. It is the number of times you use the base as a factor in a multiplication problem.

What is the numbers of a fraction called?

The top numbers a denominator, the bottem a numerator

What is the top number in a division problem called?

The top number in a fraction is called the "numerator". The bottom number is called the "denominator"

What is the top number of the division problem called?

The number which is on top of the division problem is the answer, obviously, or the quotient. :) The top number of a fraction is the numerator.

What is the difference between scalar multiplication and matrix multiplication?

Matrix multiplication is when you multiply the numbers inside different matricies.[topleft#1]Xtopleft#2=top left topright#1XBottomleft=top right bottom left X Topleft=top left bottom rightX bottom right=bottom right Scalar multiplication A number out side a matrix multiplies all parts of the matrix

What is the top number in a subtraction problem called?


What is the top and bottomcalled in multiplication?

top = numerator bottom = denominator

What is the process of subdividing a problem into smaller sub-problems called?

Top down design

How do you put multiplication in a sentence?

Harry was good at multiplication, and came top of the class for arithmetic every year.

How do you finish skill sets in first in math?

You use the numbers in the wheel and use multiplication. subtraction, addition, or division to equal the number that is outside of the wheel in the top right corner.

What are the numbers in a fraction called?

The top number is the numerator, the bottom number is the denominator.

If the top half of a foundation cures before the bottom half does what is the problem called?

No problem is you leave the forms on a little longer.

How do you perform multiplication of improper fractions?

You do it just like you do normal fractions. Multiply the top by the top and the bottom by the bottom. Remember that whole numbers can be converted into fractions by putting them over 1. For example, 7 = 7/1, 29 = 29/1.

What are the parts of an multiply problem?

In grade school when you multiply two numbers by putting one below the other,the top number is called the multiplicand and the bottom one the multiplier.In algebraic expression such as 2xy, the numbers multiplied together are called factors.

Give reasons why learnig tool 12 the multiplication table is a table?

The multiplication table is in the form of a table because it makes it easier to use. You can look on the side for one of the numbers you want to multiply, and the across the top for the other number. It's easy to follow the two lines to where they meet, giving you the correct answer.

When ordering numbers in fraction what do you call the top number starting with the letter n?

It is called the numerator and the bottom is the dinomenater.

What is the name for the bottom number in a subtraction problem?

It is called a subtrahend, the top is called a minuend and the answer is the difference. Trust me i learned the hard way

What is top number in an addition problem called?

Top number add ni ho raha. is k delet krnay ka traqa bata dain

How do you do the fraction multiplication process Show me with an example?

First multiply the top numbers then multiply the bottom numbers then simplify the resulting fraction Example: 2/5 x 7/12 first multiply the top numbers 2 x 7 = 14 then multiply the bottom numbers 5 x 12 = 60 resulting fraction = 14/60 this can be simplified by dividing both numbers by 2. Answer = 7/30

Is -4 a imaginary number?

No, both positive and negative numbers are part of the so-called "real" numbers. The so-called "imaginary" numbers are outside the number line.Imagine the real numbers as a line from left to right, and the imaginary numbers a a separate line, from top to bottom. The place where they meet is zero. Positive is to the right of zero, negative to the left, imaginary numbers like +i or +3i to the top of zero, and negative imaginary numbes like -5i to the bottom of zero.

When can you cancel numbers in a fraction?

Whenever there is the same number in the numerator and the denominator, you can cancel both. If the numbers are different, but have a common factor, you can replace each number by its factors, and cancel some of the factors. When nothing is left on the top or on the bottom, you replace by the number 1 - one being the identity element of multiplication.

What are the keys at the top of the keyboard called?

Function Keys (hence the "F" in front of the numbers 1 through 12.)

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