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There are several common topologies available for computer networking. The most common is the star topology. In this topology, nodes connect to a hub, switch or router which connects them to other nodes.

Other common topologies are bus and ring.

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Q: What is the topology in computer networking?
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Topologies of computer networking?

There are mainly four topologies namely : 1) Mesh topology 2) Star topology 3) Bus topology 4) Ring topology

Which is not peer to peer topology in networking?

The client-server topology.

Which networking topology was use for networking?

There are a couple but the most common is the star

Which topology should be used tere for networking in school lab?

Bus topology

What are the types of topologies networking?

Bus star ring mesh hybrid

What topology is a passive topology?

Ring topology is the passive topology in computer networks

Which networking topology is easiest to configure?

Linear bus topology is the easiest; there is practically no configuration to worry about except the wiring.

What is physical layout in the network topology?

netwok topology is firstly the process of configuring computer system and peripherals in other for it to have a maintained and stabled communication link in a network environment. so there must be a layout of configuration and networking environment....

If you have four computers and a switch you want to make a network of these computers using switch which networking topology you will use?

Star Topology

What is the star network with an additional networking device connected to the main networking device?

hierarchical (extended) star topology

What is computer topology?

Computers can be interconnected in different ways to form a network. Such different ways of interconneconnection are called computer topologies. There are 5 topologies. They are: * BUS TOPOLOGY * RING TOPOLOGY * STAR TOPOLOGY * MESH TOPOLOGY * TREE TOPOLOGY

Different types of topologies?

Different types of Networking topologies are 1] Bus topolgy 2] Ring topology 3] Mesh topology 4] Hibrid topology

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