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205000 CR

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Q: What is the total cost of commando armor in halo reach?
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What is the total cost of commando helmet attachments in halo reach?

well, the base is 85,000cr but not sure about the rest so i,ll send the rest soon!

How do you get the officer elite armor in halo reach?

You simply have to reach the appropriate ranks. The Elite armor does not cost any extra cR.

How do you get the commando shoulder in halo reach?

you have to get to rank comander and they cost 40,000 Cr each

How much Cr dose it cost to buy Emile's armor in Halo Reach?

Rank of general and 270000 credits

Can you get the master chiefs armor in Halo Reach?

Yes you can get both the mark V and mark IV. But they are gonna cost you the motherload.

How does ezio gain life levels in assassins creed brotherhood?

The best way to increase Ezio's health is to buy armor from blacksmiths. There are 5 armors in the base game and each have different tiers meaning the higher quality armor increases Ezio health more than the lower quality armor. Below I have listed all the armors and when they become available. (Weakest to Strongest) Roman Armor - Full Set available after Sequence 05 - Total Cost 5500 florins Rondelle Armor - Full Set available after sequence 06 - Total Cost 17100 florins Plate Armor - Full Set available after sequence 07 - Total Cost 31600 florins Suesenhofer Armor - Full Set available after sequence 07 and completion of the shop quest "Exotica" - Total Cost 23200 florins Armor of Brutus - Full Set available after completion of all 6 Lairs of Romulus - Total Cost 0 florins (completely free if you don't mind dungeon crawling)

How much did medieval armor cost in the middle ages?

Armor cost a lot of money to have it made!

How much does body armor cost?

It is $80-$800 for civilian armor. Obviously it depends on the quality of the armor

Does it cost money to repair armor on dead frontier?

It does cost money to repair armor on DeadFrontier unless if you are an engineer yourself, if thats the case you can repair the armor yourself.

How Much Do rock armor cost?


How much does a knight's armor cost?


Where can i buy cool armor on AQWorlds?

The Suggestion Shop, although most of the armor cost ACs.

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