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Q: What is the total distance that a p-wave will travel in 7 mintues and 20 seconds?
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What is the biggest seismic wave?

the biggest wave is a pwave or primary wave

What is the definition of Pwaves?

A Pwave is the first wave to arrive during an earthquake, P waves compress and then expand. They can damage buildings.

What are the 4 types of seismic waves?

Pwave, Swave, Lovewave and the Rayleigh waves are 4 waves for Earthquakes. At least I think so...

What part of the ECG records atrial contraction?

ECG records electrical activity and not mechanical, hence it has nothing to do with contraction. But P wave represents atrial depolarization.

How many seconds in 5 mintues?

300 seconds

How minutes are in 510 seconds?

8.5 mintues

How long is 15 mintues?

900 seconds.

How long does it take to travel 538 miles going 70 MPH?

time = distance ÷ speed 538 miles ÷ 70 miles/hour 7.685714286 hours or 7 hours, 41 mintues, 8.57 seconds to be exact.

How many mintues in 36 seconds?

0.6 minutes

How many mintues are in 12000 seconds?

200 minutes

How much is 600 seconds in mintues?

10 minutes

How many miles does light travel in 0.1 seconds?

distance = speed x time. Multiply the speed of light (in miles/second in this case) by the time in seconds, to get the distance travel in miles.

How many hours are there in 42000 seconds?

there are 11 hours and 40 mintues :)

How many mins aree in one and a half mintues?

90 seconds

How would you estimate the number of seconds in a day?

60 (seconds to mintues) x60 (minutes to hours) x24 (hours in a day) 86400 seconds

How many secondes are in 5 mintues?

There are 5 times 60 = 300 seconds

How many mintues and seconds in 152?

It depends on whether the question refers to 152 days, years, hours, seconds etc.

What was the Length of Chile earthquake 1939?

In time wise it is 23 mintues and 32 seconds.

A hawk can travel at 10meters per seconds how long would it take for it to travel 600m?

Use the formula distance = speed x time. Solving for time: time = distance / speed.600/10 = 60. It would the hawk 60 seconds (1 minute) to travel 600m.

How many seconds does it take light to travel from sun to earth?

500 seconds for light to travel on average distance of 93 million miles. 1000 seconds from one end of Earths orbit to the other. Coincidence? Hmmm.

How much time is required for a bicycle to travel a distance of 100 meters at an average speed of 2 meters per second?

Time = Distance/Speed = 100/2 = 50 seconds.Time = Distance/Speed = 100/2 = 50 seconds.Time = Distance/Speed = 100/2 = 50 seconds.Time = Distance/Speed = 100/2 = 50 seconds.

How fast does a 105 mph fastball travel 60.5 feet?

The fastball would travel that distance in 0.393 seconds at 105 mph

How many minutes are in 10 minutes and 7 seconds?

hmm.. this is a tough one try 10 mintues

What are au's?

An au is an astronomical unit, or how far light will travel in a year.

At 80 kilometres per hour how many seconds does it take to travel 1km?

45 Seconds because the s/d/t triangle. Basically Distance= Speed x Time. Speed= Distance/Time. Time= Distance/Speed.