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According to Muktika Upanishad,total number of Upanishads count upto 108.

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Q: What is the total number of Upanishads?
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How many upanishads and Puranas are in INDIA?

There are 18 Puranas & 11 main Upanishads , but there are more smaller Upanishads which are 108 in number . Some also say that they are more Than 200 . :/

What are the Upanishads all about?

upanishads are vedas for hindus upanishads mean'to sit near the teacher'

Upanishads are books on?

upanishads are books on which catogeri

Is vigyan Bhairavi tantra a part of Upanishads?

Tantras are not part of Upanishads...............

Which religion is upanishads and Vedas?

Upanishads and Vedas are sacred writings of the Hindus

Which is the smallest Upanishads?

Mandukya then Ishavasya among Major (10) Upanishads although there are several other small Upanishads if you consider 108 of them.

When was The Principal Upanishads - book - created?

The Principal Upanishads - book - was created in 1953.

What religion is Upanishads a sacred text of?

Upanishads is one of the many sacred texts of Hinduism.

How many pages does The Principal Upanishads - book - have?

The Principal Upanishads - book - has 958 pages.

What is the importance of the Upanishads?

it is impotent as it is partly the Vedas so if there wasn't Upanishads the Vedas wouldn't be complete.

What is the ISBN of The Principal Upanishads book?

The ISBN of The Principal Upanishads - book - is 81-7223-124-5.

Which religion uses the Upanishads?

The Upanishads are secret texts of the Hindu region. Some say they are more of a philosophy than a religion. The twelve texts of the Upanishads give instructions for moral questions.

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