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The total tax is $0.94 and the total price with tax is $13.54.

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Q: What is the total price of a 12.60 item when 0.075 is the tax?
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What is total price of a item of 14.50 with 6 percent sales tax added?

The total price is $15.37

What is the total price of an 18.97 item plus 8 percent sales tax?

The total price is $20.49

What is the total price for a item that costs 169.99?

It is 169.99

What is the total price of a 125.50 item including 3 percent tax?

The total is 129.97

How do you calculate tax percent?

To calculate the tax percentage on a sale take the total sale, subtract the price of the item, then divide the result by the price of the item. Fpr examplea $1.00 item is purchased, the total sale is $1.10, subtract the $1.00. $.010 was paid in tax, to determine the tax percentage paid divide $ .10 by the$1.00 item price and you get a .10 tax rate (or 10%).( total purchase price - price of item ) / price of item = tax percentageBe aware that on some sales only a portion of the sale is taxable, such as a take out order from a restuarant only the carbonated beverage may be taxable.

What is the total price of a 45.79 item when 7 percent sales tax is added?

The total price is $48.10

How do you price an item?

To price an item you must calculate the total of production and delivery and find the ROI for the sales of the particular item. From there you will also want to compare competitor pricing of the same product to find a reasonable price for your market.

The total cost of an item at a store is the price of the item P plus 8.25 percent sales tax. what best represents C the total cost of the item?

c = 1.0825p

What is the total price including 7 percent of a 14.49 item?


How much does a snuggie cost total?

The price is 19.99 its a good item

What is the total price of a 21.00 item including 7.5 percent sales tax?

The total is $22.57

How do you find original price of item before sales tax?

Original Price = Total / (1 + Tax)