What is the unit for irregular solid volume?

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Irregular solid volume is still measured in cm3 etc

To Find the Volume of an irregular object you can,

  • Measure out a proportional amount of water to the object you are finding the volume of
  • Put the object in the container of water
  • See how much the water has risen by

You now have the volume!!

(The difference between the new and old volumes of water is the volume

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Q: What is the unit for irregular solid volume?
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Related questions

What is the unit used for finding the volume of an irregular solid?

Centimeters cubed

When is ml the perferred unit to use for volume?

When you need to find volume of an irregular solid or a liquid.

What unit do you use to express the volume of n irregular solid?

Assuming you mean n-dimensional solid, then (base unit of length)^n So volume of 3D solid, using meters as unit of length, is m^3. 5D solid would have a volume with units m^5.

What instrument measures the volume of an irregular solid?

graduated cylindergraduated cylinderSubmerge your solid in a liquid the liquid volume displaced is equal to your irregular solid volume.

How do you obtain the volume of an irregular solid insoluble in water?

Measure the volume of the water you have. Insert irregular solid. Measure the volume of the water you have now, and subtract the initial water volume from the new water volume. The difference in volumes is the volume of your irregular solid.

What is the basic unit for volume irregular shaped?

The unit for volume is the same, whether the shape is regular or irregular.

What is the unit of volume for irregular solids?

It depends on the system in which you are working, but the units will be the same as for a regular solid. In the International System of Units (SI units, for short), the unit for volume is m3.

How do you find the volume of solid regular and irregular?

That depends on what solid.

When is ml the preferred unit to use to for volume?

When you are measureing smaller units you would use mL

How can you measure the volume of an irregular solid?

It's simple, you just have to take a measurable recipient big enough to contain the solid, fill the recipient with a known volume of water and drop the irregular solid into the water. Then you can measure the increase of volume, which will be equivalent to the volume of your solid.

How do you measure the volume irregular solid?

You place it in water to see the volume of water it displaces. Fill a large, graduated measuring cylinder to about halfway with water (say to 50mL) Put the irregular solid in, and measure the volume it reads (solid + water). (say it reads 80mL) So the volume of the irregular solid will be: volume(solid+water) - volume(water). For example, the volume of the water was 50mL, and when the solid was added, the volume increased to 80mL. The volume of the solid would be 80mL - 50mL. So it would be 30mL.

How do you determine the volume of an irregular solid?

Water displacement

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