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50 lbs

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Q: What is the unit load per square foot for dwelling units?
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What is the unit load per square foot?

square foot of what, concrete, wood or paper or what

What is cubic foot of Amana Washer model NFW7500VW?

That's a front-load washer with a capacity of 4.1 cubic feet.

When the pressure in a hydraulic press is increased by an additional 25 Ncm2 how much extra load will the output piston support when its cross-sectional area is 55 square centimeters?

25,000 pounds per square meter cubed divided by 60 square centimeters.

How do you determine the number of branch circuit for lighting load?

An engineered set of blueprints will have all of the pertinent information about circuit loading and circuit numbers and panel balancing already calculated. If there is no wiring schedule on the print then you refer to the electrical code book and abide by the regulations that are set out for circuit loading and the amount of devices that can be connected to that circuit. Single family dwelling: multiply the number of square feet by 3. So a 2500 sq ft home times 3 = 7500 watts. Divide that number by 1500 for #14 wire circuits or 2000 for #12 wire circuits. 7500 divided by 1500 = 5 #14 wire circuits or if divided by 2000 + 3.75 or 4 #12 wire circuits. This would be for the lighting load and general use receptacles through out the home. I always lay my circuits out where a circuit only covers 500 sq ft of the dwelling.

What is a real life application of the square root function?

Electrical engineers use it in calculating power factor and electrical load distribution when dealing with 3 phase power connections.

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What is the unit load per square foot?

square foot of what, concrete, wood or paper or what

What is SF Load?

square foot/feet

What does roof load rating mean?

The roof load is a rating that determines how many pounds per square foot the roof will withstand. Most roofs are rated above 300 pounds per square foot or more.

How do you calculate btu per square foot?

Divide the heat loss or gain obtained by the load calculation by square footage of the building.

How is the load determined for outlets supplying specific appliances?

The total outlet load may also be determined on a watts-per-square-foot basis.

What is Definition of Life load for roof?

It is a "LIVE LOAD" which is the weight of snow for which a roof is designed for. It is usually 40 lbs. per square foot. Al dead load is the weight of the roof structure itself.

What is the load used in designing elevators?

What kind of elevators? Freight, Passenger or automobile lifts? All capacities are based on the square foot area inside the elevator.

What are the units of measurement for current load and amperage?

The unit of measure for current load is amperage, or simply amps.

What spaces are not included in the floor area when computing the load in volt-amperes per square foot?

Open porches, garages, or unused or unfinished spaces not adaptable for future use.

What size condencing unit do you need for a 1200 square foot home?

500sq ft per ton but the best most efficient sizing is to do the manual j load calc

What is the snow load for Portland Maine?

The Ground Snow Load for Portland Maine is 60 pounds per square foot. The answer was determined from the following reference which is published by the State of Maine:

What is the minimum number of tiedowns for a 20-foot load?