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If you divide the number of words by the number of minutes, you'll get a rate of words per minute.

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Q: What is the unit rate for 8580 words in 2 h 45 min?
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Find the unit rate of bill who can encode 402 words in 3 min?

134 words per minute. 2.23 words per second.

What is the unit rate of 80 miles in 16 min?

80 miles in 16 min = 5 miles per min.

What is the unit rate driving 60 miles in 70 minutes?

In this problem, the unit rate is the rate of speed. speed = distance/time = 60 miles/70 min = 0.86 mi/min (rounded)

How do you find the unit rate for 2.3 km in 7 min?

You would calculate 2.3/7 . That number will be the rate in km per min.

What is the unit rate of 42 gal in 7 min?


What is the unit rate for milimeters per min?

It is the number of mm per minute!

What derived unit is appropriate for expressing rate of water flow?

Examples: L/s, L/min, m3/min, m3/h.

What is the unit rate 280 km in 40 min?

420 kilometers per hour or 260.976 mph.

How do you convert Pascals to Littres per min?

Pascals are a unit of pressure (force per unit area). Liters per minute is a unit of flow rate (volume per unit time).

What is the unit rate of 45 in 60 min?

0.75 per minute or 1 every 1 minute 20 seconds

Mass flow rate units?

Mass flow rate means how much mass flows in certain time. Therefore the unit are: mass per unit time for example: kg/hour lb/min ton/year ton/second

How is 90 words in 2 minutes as a unit rate written?

45words per min

What is respiratory rate?

No.of breaths/min is respiratory rate.

What is the normal heart rate in walking?

The normal heart rate is 72/min

What is England birth rate?

50 a min

What is the heart rate of a rat?

650 min

What is the regular metabolic rate for goldfish?

The average metabolic rate of a goldfish is 140/min.

What is io's revolution rate?

The revolution rate of Io is 42 hrs. 28 min.

What unit is air velocity measured in?


What has a pulse rate of about 35 per min?

an elephant

How do you figure out resting heart rate?

its about 72bits/min

Pulse rate for infants children and adult?

The average pulse rate of adults is between 60 to 100 beats/min while that of the infants is 90 to 120 beats/min.

What is the relationship between design reflux rate and min reflux rate?

Rmin =R*1.2

What words have the root word min in it?

The root word min means little. A few words with this are minute, minor, and minuscule.

How many kilometers are in 1 min?

Zero. Kilometers is a unit of measurement. One minute is a unit of time.