What is the use of Commutator?

Updated: 10/25/2022
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The commutator is used to convert the AC to DC

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Q: What is the use of Commutator?
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What is use of commutator?

The commutator is used to convert the AC to DC

Explain the necessity and principles of commutator in Dc generator?

what is necessity of commutator in DC generator

Why commutator are not used in ac motors?

Because, the commutator segments are used for converting AC to DC.

What is the definition of commutator?

A commutator is an electrical switch that periodically reverses the current direction in an electric motor or electrical generator. A commutator is a common feature of direct current rotating machines.

How does the commutator reverse the current in a motor?

Commutator is a split ring which reverses the current .when the commutator turns around due to magnetic force and because of it even the current gets reversed

Which liquid do you use for cleaning the commutator of a dc generator?

Emery paper and hexa blade

Which type of motor uses a commutator?

Commutator is a device in a motor through which supply is fed.

Is a commutator the rotating element of a motor?

The commutator is part of the armature on a DC motor and this assembly is the rotating element of a motor.

How commutator converts AC to DC?

There is no conversion of AC to DC a commutator is the key to creating straight DC voltage. "The commutator rotates with the loop of wire just as the slip rings do with the rotor of an AC generator. Each half of the commutator ring is called a commutator segment and is insulated from the other half. Each end of the rotating loop of wire is connected to a commutator segment. Two carbon brushes connected to the outside circuit rest against the rotating commutator. One brush conducts the current out of the generator, and the other brush feeds it in. The commutator is designed so that, no matter how the current in the loop alternates, the commutator segment containing the outward-going current is always against the "out" brush at the proper time. The armature in a large DC generator has many coils of wire and commutator segments. Because of the commutator, engineers have found it necessary to have the armature serve as the rotor(the rotating part of an apparatus) and the field structure as the stator (a stationary portion enclosing rotating parts). Which is the inverse of an AC Generator."

What happens if commutator of DC generator is removed?

If the commutator is removed from your generator, you (if you connect slip rings) get AC supply instead of DC supply. the function of the commutator is to convert AC to DC supply and vice versa.Additional AnswerRemoving the commutator will also prevent you from connecting the output of the generator to its load. Remember, the generator's armature is spinning!

What is the purpose of a commutator in a electric motor?

A commutator applies power to the best location on the rotor, and in a generator, picks off power similarly.

Find the commutator of S4 symmetric group?

I can't find that commutator. Maybe he took some lessons with Wally... but where's Wally?