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Q: What is the use of decimal resistance box?
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What is the use of resistance box?

The use of a resistance box or a "Decade Box" is to help calibrate instruments used to measure electrical values such as Voltage, Current, and Resistance. Without them you would not have a known value of resistance to use as a set point.

How do you use resistance decade box?

we use it when we require a variable resistance in a circuit

What is high resistance box?

a box which has resistance between 1 ohm to 50000 ohm

What is a resistance decade box?

Resistance decade box is nothing but Resistance bank. It has various ranges of Resistance value ranging from few ohms to few mega ohms. In other terms, large value of resistance are fabricated in single box is said to be Resistance decade box.

Is resistance box connected in series or parallel?

It depends on what you want to accomplish. If you want to decrease the resistance in a circuit, you would place the box in parallel to some other resistor. If you want to increase the resistance in a circuit, you would place the box in series.

How do you calculate resistance box for slip ring motor?

how to calculate resistance box for slipring motors

What is the difference between resistance box and rheostat?

Resistance box will provide resistance of discrete values such as 1, 2, 3 ohms or 0.1,0.2, 0.3 ohms. So interim values are not possible. But rheostat gives a chance to vary the resistance continuously. It may be 5 ohm or even 5.769 ohm. So just to fix current for a specified value such 1.5 ampere resistance box will not be suitable where as a rheostat is the most suitable.

Use the word resistance in a sentence?

Resistance is futile!

Can you use resistance in place of diode in clipping circuits?

no we not use resistance in place of diode.

What temperature coefficient of resistance would be desirable for a wire used to make the resistance coils of a resistance box?

It would be desirable to use wire with as small a temperature coefficient as possible, so that the 'standard' resistances of the box don't wander all over the place every time a breeze wafts through the lab. If you want to get really clever, maybe you could find one wire product with a positive temperature coefficient, and another product with a negative coefficient, and then use a piece of each kind to wind each resistance. That way, when the temperature changes, part of each resistance will increase and the rest of it will decrease, and if you planned the proportions effectively, you might really be able to limit the resistance-drift to almost nothing.

Why do computers use the decimal system?

Computers use a binary system, not decimal.

Use resistance in a sentence?

The electricities resistance stops the electric circuit.