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Google " volume of revolution " problems and see how integration makes these problems that would not be easily solved by other methods easier.

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Q: What is the use of integration in your practical life?
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Example from practical life according to different degree of price discrimination?

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Rutherfordium has no practical use.

Application of integration in electrical engineering?

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How has the integration of school improved the quality of life in America?

Integration has provided equal opportunities for everyone.

What are the applications of integration in real life?

The integration of application is used in real life when applied to the psychology of group dynamics and the effects of bullying to weaker members of a group.

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we can use integration.- multiple integration.

What is the application of integration in your daily life?

You don't normally apply integration, or other advanced math topics, in your daily life, unless your "daily life" includes work in the science or engineering area.

What is a practical applicatiion?

A real life demonstration is a practical application of something

what is workday integration?

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Would there be a practical home use for ecommerce software?

Yes there is a practical home use for e-commerce software. If you have any type of interest in the area of e-commerce you can take what you learn from the software and help to apply it to your daily life.

The integration of your school took a long period of time Did you use the word integration in a right way?