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Q: What is the use of triangular ruler?
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What is a triangular ruler called?

Straight Edge

What is an architect's ruler?

An architect's ruler is an alternative term for a scale ruler, a triangular ruler marked with a range of calibrated scales for drawing and measuring such things as blueprints and floor plans.

What is An Egyptian ruler was often buried in a triangular shaped building called?

a pyramid

How do you use the word triangular in a sentence?

The boat had triangular sails.

What is a triangle ruler called?

In the world of Drafting and Architecture, it is called a Scale.

How do you use triangular in a sentence?

The boat was small and had two triangular sails.

How do you measure millimeters?

You use a ruler that is marked with millimetres. Alternatively, you can use a ruler that is marked with inches and then multiply by 25.4 to get the result in millimetres, or use a ruler marked with centimetres and multiply by 10.

How do you use a ruler?

the use of ruler is for you to line straightly.1 ruler is equal to 1 foot. there are two lines there, the one is centimeters and inches.

How do you use a centimeter ruler?

In the same way that you would use any other ruler except that you use the centimetre scale.

What can you use as an ruler for cm?

measuring scale, tape, or ruler is used.

How do you use ruler in a sentence?

A ruler shows set measurements, either in inches or millimeters. You can draw a straight line using the edge of a ruler. Use a ruler to measure the size of a piece of typing paper.

How do you measure in mm cm and m?

Use a ruler for mm and cm but a metre stick for m.