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It's used for cutting out stuff and perhaps fixing stuff.

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Q: What is the used of pair of scissor?
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Related questions

What is the used of pair scissor?

It's used for cutting out stuff and perhaps fixing stuff.

How much does a pair of scissor weigh?

it depends on the size of the scissor !?!?!?!?

What does a scissor used for?

What is a scissor used for? Cutting.

Is scissors plural or singular?

Each part of a pair of scissors is one scissor. Two scissor parts make a pair of scissors. There is no plural for more than one pair of scissors.

How can you scissor yourself?

The verb to scissor, the act, is accomplished by use of a pair of scissors, or by the action of a body or thing that mimics the motion of a scissors in use.scissors (noun) to scissor (verb)pl n1 (Also called) pair of scissors a cutting instrument used for cloth, hair, etc., having two crossed pivoted blades that cut by a shearing action, with ring-shaped handles at one end2 a wrestling hold in which a wrestler wraps his legs round his opponent's body or head, locks his feet together, and squeezes3 any gymnastic or athletic feat in which the legs cross and uncross in a scissor-like movement4 (Athletics) a technique in high-jumping, now little used, in which the legs perform a scissor-like movement in clearing the bar(plural of scissors or pair of scissors : pairs of scissors.)

How do you spell scisor?

The word "scissor" (scissors) applies to jointed tools, used for cutting. The lifting tools (scissor lift, scissor jack) have similar crossed arms, forming an adjustable diamond shape. "Scissors" is almost always used in the plural because of the two separate blades in the cutting tool. A "pair of scissors" uses the singular form. The singular "scissor" is also usable as a verb, to cut or separate.

What is A Scissor Used For Inticate Designs?

a scissor used an energy to sewing

What does Helen attack Martha with?

helen attacks martha with a pair of scissor

Is a pair of scissor a simple machine?

Yes, I think I remember learning it is a lever.

Uses of mayo scissor?

Mayo scissor - used in O.R.

What do it mean when scissor brake apart in your hand?

It means they are broken and you need a new pair of scissors.

Is scissors a singular noun?

The word 'scissors' is a plural noun which can be either singular or plural in usage. So, we can use (one pair of) scissors to cut something, and we might keep (several pairs of) scissors for different uses. We can have scissors, or a pair of scissors, or many scissors. 'Scissor' is a singular verb, meaning to cut with, or as if with, scissors, or - frequently in sporting reference - to use a movement similar to that of scissors: 'They swim with a scissor movement of the legs.' 'The wrestlers will demonstrate the scissor hold.' 'Scissor' can also refer to scissors: 'Take these to the knife and scissor sharpener, they're getting blunt.' 'My aunt has an antique scissor holder which she still uses when she's sewing.'

What are the instruments used in normal spontaneous delivery?

surgical scissor, bandage scissor, kelly curve and straight

What is scissoring?

Scissoring is a popular abusage of the word scissor. To scissor is to cut with a shearing action (or cut with scissors) Scissor is used to describe a scissor like action, usually performed with the legs, in athletic or gymnastic events as in scissor kick or scissor hold. It is also used to describe sexual congress between lesbians where both partners rub their genitals together. See: D-Yikes! episode 1106 (#159) of South Park

Is it a correct sentence ' the scissor is lying on the table'?

A sentence starts with a capital letter: 'The...'The noun scissor is incorrect; the singular and plural form is 'scissors', a shortened form of 'a pair of scissors' and the plural 'pairs of scissors'.Corrected sentence: 'The scissors is lying on the table.'

Where can you get a pair of real scissor Edward Scissorhands gloves?

Look in costume and Halloween shops. Hottopic may even have some.

What is a ceramic thrum scissor used for?


Is the blades of scissor made of steel?

Steel would be a very common material for a pair of scissors, although it's not the only option.

What does the Deaver operating scissor used for?

It is used for cutting tissue and sutures.

What is a scissor lift?

A scissor lift is a 4 wheeled hydraulic controlled lift. The lift only drives forward, reverse, left and right and can only raise up or down. When the lift is raised it uses a scissor action to rise up.

How can you spell scissor?

A pair of scissors is the full form for the noun scissors; the plural form is pairs of scissors.

What are tools and materials used for embroidery?

Tools and Materials used for embroidery are needle, pricker, scissor, thimble, fabric, thread/yarn.Incorporate materials: metal strips, pearls, beads, quills, and sequins.

What is a Scissor -like hand tool with serrated blades used to apply a zigzag edge to textiles es?

scissors with zigzag edges on them. they are in the scissor isle.

Is a scissor a Compound Machine?

Yes. A pair of scissors is a lever with a pivot point, controlled by two wedges acting in opposite directions.

What is a large scissor used for cutting hedges?

Hedge Shears.