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Standard notation is the usual way of writing a number that only shows digits.

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What is the usual way of writing a number using digits?

In descending order from highest to lowest

What is standard from?

The usual or common way to write a number using digits

How do you round a number to the nearest thousand?

If the last three digits of any number are equal to or greater than 500, then you round up to the nearest 1000. For example, the number 2573 rounds up to 3000. If the last three digits of any number are equal to or less than 499, then you round down to the nearest 1000. For example, the number 2473 rounds down to 2000. This assumes you are 'rounding up' which is the usual meaning of 'rounding'

How do you spell 48.54 dollars?

Forty-eight and 54/100 dollars is the usual way of writing this sum on checks, but if all digits are to be eliminated, it could also be written as forty-eight and fifty-four one hundredths dollars. The word "and" serves as a divider between integers and fractions when writing sums of money.

What TV shows do the Gosselins like?

There has not been any clue on which TV shows Jon and Kate like but the kids love cartoons and the usual kid shows.

How can you tell if a girl is lesbian for you?

She shows a lot more affection than usual.

Who is sophacles?

A playwright from Ancient Greece famous for writing Oedipus the KingThe usual spelling is Sophocles.

What do you call a cat that has more than the usual number of toes?

A cat that has more than the usual number of toes is called a polydactyly. Horse Isle answer: Polydactyly

How many hydrogen atoms are in 7.40 mol of ammonium sulfide?

The formula unit, which is the usual meaning of "mol" for an ionic compound such as ammonium nitride, is (NH4)2S. This shows that there are 2 X 4 or 8 hydrogen atoms in each formula unit. Avogadro's Number, which is about 6.022 X 1023, is the number of atomic formula units per mole. Therefore, the number of hydrogen atoms in 7.40 mol of ammonium sulfide is (8)(7.40)(6.022 X 1023) or 3.57 X 1025, to the justifiable number of significant digits. (The integer 8 is exact.)

How are polydactyl cats different from regular cats?

Polydactyl means having more than the usual number of fingers or toes. Most Cats have 5 digits on each paw. A polydactyl has extra digits, usually 6. Cats are not the only animal to be considered polydactyl. In fact people may also have more than 10 fingers or toes!

Where is the decimal in the number 565?

In the whole number 565, the decimal point is "hiding" after its last digit, ie 565.In the place value system, the decimal point always follows the units digits; however, if there are no digits after the decimal point, ie the number is a whole number, it is not normally written and ends up "hiding" after the last digit of the number.It is not normal to start or end a number with a decimal point as it can so easily get lost, so to show the decimal point in a whole number, it is usual to write "point zero" after the number, ie 565.0It depends on what the question is.It can possibly be 5.65 , 56.5 , or .565 .Hope this can maybe help you!-Sherratyn-

What is the meaning of standard notation?

Standard notation simply means, the usual or normal way of writing something.

How do you round 42.3659472156234 to the nearest ten thousandths?

You discard all digits after the first four digits, in this case. Then, as is usual in rounding, you look at the first digit discarded, and if it's 5 or more, you add one to the rightmost digit you keep.

What is fibrosis cytosis?

more than usual number of fibres.

How many young do bald eagles have?

Two is the usual number.

What is abbreviation of phone number?

The usual abbreviation is: Tel (for telephone).

What is the lowest 3 digit number?

1.11 ============================= .111 is lower yet, but neither one meets the usual definition of 3-digit number. By the usual definition, 100 is the smallest 3-digit or 3 figure number.

What does IL IL mean in Latin?

"IL IL" doesn't mean anything in Latin, unless it's the number 49 written twice in Roman numerals, although even that is questionable since it violates the usual rules for subtractive writing. Writing a letter with smaller value to the left of a letter with larger value indicates subtraction, but the larger number should not be more than ten times the smaller. Since L (= 50) is more than ten times I [= 1], IL [= 50 - 1?] violates this rule. The usual writing for 49 would be XLIX [= (50 - 10) + (10 - 1)].

How many chromosomes would you expect in egg?

I assume you mean a human egg ( oocyte ) cell. That would be 23 chromosomes, 1/2 the usual number and the usual number for a human gamete.

Telephone to laptop connection?

Buy a Skype telephone number and divert calls to your usual telephone number to your Skype number.

How will you know that your childhood friend guys like you after meeting more than 3decades?

If he flirts with you a little more than usual, talks to you a little more than usual, hugs you or shows a little more affection than usual etc., there are many things that could mean he likes you.

What is the litter size for a muskox?

One is the usual number, twins are rare.

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