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Depending on condition, perhaps as much as $400-$500.

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Q: What is the value and other information for a Peerless 12 gauge side by side hammerless model 256654 from Crescent Firearms Company?
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Is there any where to get information on a crescent Firearm No 60 emire hamerless 12 gauge shotgun?

From the 2002 Standard Catalog of Firearms: In 1905 Crescent's first hammerless sidelock was introduced as the American Gun Co. "Knickerbocker" Model No. 6. This very popular model became the Crescent "Peerless" No. 6 in 1922. In 1928 it became the Crescent "Empire" No. 60. and in 1931 the Crescent-Davis "New Empire" No. 88, "New Empire" No. 9, and "Empire" No. 9. For further information about Crescent Firearms of Norwich, Connecticut try or eBay for books on old firearms companies.

When did crescent firearms make the peerless model side by side 20 gauge shotgun?

1901 till1930

You have a model Peerless model 1 made by Crescent Firearms Co would like to know when it was made and if anybody works on them?

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What year was a peerless model double barrel serial 266769 made?

Would have been made c.1900-1920 by the Crescent Firearms Co.

Crescent firearms 12 gauge double barrel shotgun the number stamped on the receiver is 287534 It also is stamped Peerless model Can you tell me more about this gun's history?

THey were made by crescent firearm company.

Do you have any pictures ofPeerless12 gauge double barrel model 272562?

any one with information or pics on peerless 12 gauge double barrel hammerless with 272562

Where can you find information about the Peerless model?

I have a Stevens Peerless model I'm in need of a magazine and information about this old rifle.

Is there a picture of the crescent peerless double barrel shotgun?

In reproduction catalogs from Sears @ turn of the century

What is the value of a Crescent Peerless double barrel shotgun?

If it is a fully functional (have it checked by an experienced gunsmith) gun with fluid steel barrels, back hammers or hammerless, it should bring $200+ as a shooter. If it has side hammers and twist steel barrels, it's worth $125-$150 as a mantle decoration.

What year was a Peerless Model crescent shotgun model 227667 made and what is its value?

No published sn data that I know of; 40-100 or so

What is the value of a Crescent Firearms Company Norwich Conneticutt Peerless Model 1929 serial 296751 double barrel 12 gauge?

If complete and fully functional, $150-$250, depending on condition. If broken or rusted, a lot less. If in new condition, maybe a little more to the right buyer.

When was your peerless 234427 made?

In order to answer this question adequately, more information regarding said topicÊis needed.Ê We would need to know what peerless is and what 234427 is as well.Ê

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