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Q: What is the value of 12 squared?
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Related questions

What is is the value of 12 2?

12 Squared = 12 * 12 = 144

What does 12 squared mean?

A squared number is one that is multiplied by itself, e.g., 12 squared = 12 x 12

What is the value of - 3 squared?

9 is the value of -3 squared

What is 12 squared plus 18 squared?

12 squared plus 18 squared is equal to 468.

Is 12 squared?

12 squared is 144.

What is negative 12 squared?

-12 squared is 144.

What is 12 squared in standard form?

i think it is 144 when you do 12 squared ( 12 times 12=144)

What is 12 squared?

12 squared is 12x12 which is 144 ( one hundred and forty four ) 12² = 144

What number squared is equal to 144?

12 squared (12 x 12) = 144

How do you find the value of six squared and how did you get your answer?

I find the value of six squared by multiplying 6 by itself.I got my answer by explaining in words how I find the value of 6 squared.

Why is brayani wrong when she says when x equals 3 the value of 4x squared is 36?

She isn't. 4x squared is 4 times (x squared). That is, 4 times (3 squared) = 4 times 9. If you want it to be the square of 4x (which would be the square of 4 times 3, ie, 12), you have to write it as (4x)squared.

Why is 12 squared irrational?

12 squared is not irrational. It's 144 .

How do you factorise x squared - 7x 12?

X squared + 7X + 12?

What is the standard form of 12 squared?

The standard form of 12 squared is 122

What is double of 6 squared?

The double of 6 is 12. 12 squared is 144.

What is the value of k when 4x squared plus kx plus 9 equals 0?

Using the discriminant for a quadratic equation the value of k works out as plus or minus 12.

What is 20ab -8a squared?

20ab -8a squared = 12

What is the largest value that can not be squared?

Seems to us that any value at all can be squared.

What is the depth of twelve squared?

12. Twelve squared is 12 x 12, so the depth would be the number of one side, 12.

What is Squared plus 10 squared equals 12 squared?

If I have this correct you are asking x^2 + 10^2 = 12^2 Then x=6.633249507108

If 720 inches squared is how many feet squared?

Divide that by 144 (12 squared).

X squared plus 9 squared equals 12 squared?

X = √63

What is the value of 6 squared plus 8 squared?

102 or 100

What is the value of squared?

20 squared is 20 x 20 or 400.

When you subtract one square number from another and the number is 12 what are the two square numbers?

The answer is 4 squared minus 2 squared as 4 squared is 16 minus 2 squared, which is 4, gives you 12 as an answer.