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Q: What is the value of 500 customs gold units of 1930?
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Chinese customs gold unit's value?

20 Chinese customs gold units value

Do the China Customs Gold Units of 500 Units printed in the Year 1930 by The Central Bank of China Shanghai have any trading value as of date?

No. The CGU's were devalued in 1949 by the Chinese government. They may hold some nominal value as a collectable, but currently that is it.

When was Chinese customs gold unit created?

Chinese customs gold unit was created in 1930.

What is ten customs gold unit china 1930?

10 Customs Gold Units there wer issued notes to circulation of bank notes in China as national bonds and government bonds of China. Bankbills as promissory note long term discont.By 1930 the highest denomination was 5000000 Customs Gold Units. Rate exchange 1;9000000 US$. Quoote by Pramaha Nitipong Dhamma 579 Songsawat Rd. Samphandhawong Dt. Bangkok Thailand 10100.

How much is a 25000 customs gold units from the central bank of china?

Ccurrently these have very little value. 25000 is about 21.00 usd

How much is 500 customs gold units worth in us dollars?


Md7727101930 central bank of china ten customs gold units certificate md772710 What is it worth?

whats a 10.000 GOLD YUAN worth

How much is a 5000 customs gold units from the Central Bank of China worth as of February 2008?

Around US$3.5

What is the value of 10 China custom gold units in today's market?


What is the worth of Dix note from National Bank Note COmpany April 1860 made in new Orleans?

In perfect condition $750 to $1200. Thanks! Also, what would be the value of a note from the Central Bank of China (Shanghai, 1930). The verbiage on this note says "The Central Bank of China promises to pay ths bearer on demand at its offce here 50 CUSTOMS GOLD UNITS. What is the value of this note? Thank you! Daniel Lea 504-908-4922

Units in gold exchange traded is liable to wealth tax?

Not necessarily, depending upon what is exchanged. Only if the exchange of the "units of gold exchanged traded", is paralleled with an exchange that is equal and as well as, considered the risk value is comparable than that of the gold units exchanged.

You have 3 -50000 Chinese gold units what is the the value in usd?

5 billion dollars