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six tenths

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Q: What is the value of 6 in the number 78.654?
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What Round 78654 to the nearest hundreds?


How many pro soccer leagues are there in the world?

733 total including the NBA and FIBA but in the NCAA there are 67 teams which would bring it to 800

What is the absolute value of -6?


How do you write 78654 in exponent form?

78.654 E+03 = 78,654

What is the value of the number 6 in the number 536?

6 units, which is 6.

Find the value of this number 6?

Its value is 6.

What is the place value and value of 6 in number 706 543?

In the number 706,543 the number 6 in in the thousands place, and has the value of six thousand.

What is face value of 6 in 3456890?

The face value of the number 6 is always 6. The place value, on the other hand, is the value which changes based upon where it is placed in the number.

Does the absolute value of six have the same value?

|6| = 6 (The absolute value of 6 is 6, the same number you started with.) 6 = 6 (The absolute value of the absolute value of 6 is 6.)

What is the value of the number 6 in the number 236 894?

The value of 6 in 236,894 is 6,000 = six thousand

What is the absolute value of number 5?

5. The absolute number of anything, negative or positive is that number. Like the absolute value of 6 or abs(6) is 6 and the abs(-6) is 6.

How does the absolute value of -6 compare with the absolute the value of 5?

So the absolute value of a number is simply the positive value of a given number. (In our basic number system each number has both a positive and negative value such as -6 and 6). If you are dealing with basic numbers, simply drop the negative sign if there is one, or leave the number as is if there isn't, and you have the absolute value. |x| means the absolute value So |-6| = 6 and |5| = 5 So while -6 is less than 5, |6| (absolute value of -6) is larger than 5 :)