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8 squared = 64

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Q: What is the value of 8 sqare?
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How many edges does a sqare pyramid have?


What is the sqare root of64?

square root of 64 is 8

What is the sqare root of 64?

The square root of 64 is 8

What is the area of a sqare with sides 8 center metres?

Its area is: 8 times 8 = 64 square centimetres

What is 36 sqare route add 4 sqare route?


8 feet is how many sqare feet?

How many cows is a horse?2

What is the sqare feet of a room 11 ft by 8 ft?

88 square feet.

How many edges on a sqare pyramid?

it has 5 faces in 5 vertices and 8 edegs

What is the permiter of a sqare of 49 sqare units?


How many sqare inches are in one sqare foot?


How many faces veryices and egdes does a sqare based pyramid have?

A square (not sqare) based pyramid has 5 faces, 5 vertices (not verycies) and 8 edges (not egdes). You could try using a spell-checker.

What is the sqare footage of a 14 foot by 70 foot?

980 sqare feet

What is the sqare root of 530451891?

The square (not sqare) root is approx 23031.054

What is the area and perimeter if a sqare measures 8 feet?

If one of the sides is 8 feet, the perimeter is 32 feet and the area is 64 square feet.

What is the perimeter of the sqare?

perimeter sqare= L+L+L+L = 4L == == == == == == L=lentgh

How many sqare feet equal to 1 feet?

0.25 sqare feet= 1 feet.

1475 sq mtrs to sq ft?

1475 sqare metres = 15,876.8 sqare feet

How many sqare feet in 4 marla?

4 marla = 1089 square (not sqare) feet.

How big is Vietnam in sqare kilometers?

The total area of Vietnam is 331,210 square (not sqare) km.

What is the sqare root of 26?

The square roots (not sqare rout) of 26 are -5.0990 and 5.0990, approx.

How big is Africa by sqare feet?

Africa has an area of approx 325 trillion square (not sqare) feet.

How many sqare feet is Alaska?

Alaska has an area of approx 18.5 trillion square (not sqare) feet.

What is the sqare route of 99999999999999999999999?

The square roots (not sqare route!) of 99999999999999999999999 are ±316,227,766,016.8 approx.

What is the absolute value for -8?

absolute value for -8 is 8.

What is the absolute value of -8?

Absolute value of -8 is 8.