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Q: What is the value of Bradex number 60-K24-12?
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What is the Value of the Bradex Number 84 K41 54.1?


What is a Bradex number?

Bradex is short for Bradford Exchange Plates. It is a system of numbering of collectible plates.

What is the value of bradex no 84 b10 936.4?


Plate Rockwells light campaign series Bradex Number 84-R70-6.4 how much is it worth?

What is the value of this plate

What is the value of Bradex plate number 84-70-3.3?

New Retail is $24.98. Amazon listings with documentation of authenticity are around $15. The more documentation they have the higher the price.

What is the value of two Norman rockwell plates The lighthouse keepers daughter?

they are fairly common in auction around $8,000 a piece in mint condition

Value of 1992 Delphi baseball card that says Babe Ruth The Called Shot first plate in The Legends of Baseball collection from Delphi Bradex Number 84-D19-19-1 Curtis Mgmt group?

i wish i knew, i have one too

What is the value of bradex no 84-D19-17.2?

I've seen them on e-bay----they are bradford exchange collectors plates----values at aroun £20 or $35 depending on the condition

What is Bradex?

Bradex is the name of any plate sold on the secondary market. The secondary market is the trading, purchasing and selling of plates recently sold on the primary market by The Bradford Exchange.

What does the numbers and alpha characters mean in the bradex numbers on the Bradford Exchange plates?

its the ref no.

Can the absolute value be negative?

No. The absolute value of any number is the value of that number ignoring the sign of the number, that is the positive value of that number.

What is value of a number?

the value of a number is how much a number is worth