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The Marlin Model 5510 "The Original Super Goose" is a 10 GA, 34" barrel, bolt action shotgun. It has a 2 round magazine. I own two of them purchased in the 2007 and believe me, this is an enormous shotgun and kicks like a mule. Both of mine are in very good to excellent condition. The value is $350-$450. It is interesting that they are not particularly rare or expensive yet you won't find too many for sale. I watch web postings (gunbroker, auctionarms, gunsamerica, etc.) regularly and rarely are there more than 2-3 for sale. My biggest caution for a buyer is to make sure the magazine is in good condition. The 10 GA mags are very rare. If you don't want such a massive beast, consider the Marlin Model 55 in 12 GA. It is the baby brother of the Super goose, has a 36" barrel, is a little lighter and won't break your shoulder when you shoot it.

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Q: What is the value of a 10 gauge Supergoose?
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