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The value of a Cooey 84, Serial number 37769 is $225. Also the value of a Cooey 84, Serial number 37769 is two hundred and twenty five dollars. Hope this helped!

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Q: What is the value of a Cooey 84 Serial 37769?
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How old is a cooey model 84 serial 10588?

I own a Cooey Model 84, serial number 7690 estimated to be manufactured circa 1950. Cooey began making shotguns in 1948.

What is the value of a Cooey 84?

10-140 usd

When was the cooey 84 serial 50787 made?

No published sn data that I know of.

What year is a cooey 12 gauge model 84 made serial number 11656.?

No published sn data.

When was the cooey 84 serial 31145 made and its value 12 gauge 30 full chock?

1945-50. In excellent condition its worth $150-$170. If its a duck hunter one with engraving add $50.

How do you remove the stock of a model 84 cooey?

Best left to a gunsmith

Need any info on a shotgun marked Cooey model 84 H W Cooey Machine and Arms Co Ltd Cobourg Ont ser 61240?

Cooey model 15561

What is the barrel length of a 12 gauge Cooey Model 84 shotgun?


What is the age and value of a Winchester model 84 30-30 lever action rifle serial 1890066?

There is no model 84. A model 94 with that serial number was manufactured in 1952. Its value will depend on condition. Have it appraised by a professional.

What is the value of Cooey Winchester western model 84 12 gauge with serial number 45621?

You didn't describe anything about the condition it is in. Does it have the box, papers or any accessories? What finish? How much of the finish is left? Any surface rust, wear, or blemishes? What is it choked? How long is the barrel?. They all affect the value. Without more information the best I can give you is a range of 100-250.

Where might you find parts for a Winchester-Western Cooey Model 84 410 shotgun?

Numrich gun parts

Does the hw cooey 84 take 3 magnum 410 cartridges?

If not marked, you will need to have it examined by a competent gunsmith