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Price ranges are detailed in the Blue Book of Gun values

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Q: What is the value of a Darne side-by-side shotgun Halifax series?
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What are some French made shotguns?

The Darne sliding breech shotgun comes to mind.

What has the author Alain Darne written?

Alain Darne has written: 'Diario de Neron'

Who manufactured a 12 gauge Side by Side double hammer shotgun with side arm breakaway?

Over the years, several. One was the French Darne.

Difference between a filet of salmon and a darne of salmon?

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When was the Darne db serial number 3x165 made?

Approx. 1947/1948 Regards,

What is the value of a 12 gauge shotgun that was converted from black powder to chamber re-loadable brass rounds possibly from France in 1875-1900 not a break open but opens from side?

Maybe not. Time period and geography is correct for the early version of the Darne shotgun. The breechblock opens to the right for loading. Should have a circle with the word DARNE underneath the barrels. I think you're trying to describe a "Zulu" shotgun. These were old military muskets converted to 12 gauge shotguns. Sold around the world for as little as $2 and might bring $100 today. You have the time period right, but more likely in Belgium than France. There is probably an ELG proof mark on the barrel.

How do I dis-assemble a charlin or darne side by side double shotgun?

At the rear of the forestock you'll find a button. Open the breech, depress the button and gently hit the end of the barrel with your palm and it should come off toward the butt of the gun. Be careful not to let if fall and scratch something. Hope this helps.

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What is the value of darne 20 gage double barrel?

That depends on the model and condition. The range is $350 for a poor model R11 to $4500 for an excellent model V. Have it appraised by someone who knows guns.

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