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as far as I know,you are talking about 2 different guns.I was told today because I was thinking of purchasing a 1 in 1000,not a 50th year.

the 1 in 1000 is the last 1000 mark 2's that were made,they are also stainless not blue.the value of that gun I was told I have not scene it for my own eyes is somewhere around 700.00.

the 50th year I still see a lot of at the gun shows.I purchased 1 two weeks ago for 250.00,used,has been shot,but it is in 99% condition,no blue is gone.but of coarse it did not have a box.I see them all day new in box for 350.00 I hope this is correct,but it was what I was told not what I have in my books on value,have not found a book that shows all the values on special runs.

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Q: What is the value of a Ruger 264 Mark II 1 of 1000 50 years 1949-1999?
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