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exactly as much as someone is willing to part with to get one.....very subjective criteria, i know, but these days "value" of a firearm is almost as volitile as the commodities market(maybe a little more help...local((se Florida)) gunshop has one for 130 bucks)

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โˆ™ 2006-07-25 17:28:11
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Q: What is the value of a Spanish Mauser?
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What is a spanish mauser 7mm worth?

rsi would say the value of the spanish mauser and bayonet value at 695.99 dollars

What is the value of a Spanish MM Mauser with bayonet in fair condition?

$250-$350, depending on exact model and condition.

What is the value of a 7mm Mauser made in 1933 fabrica de armas Oviedo?

Your Spanish made Mauser rifle could be worth anywhere from $50-$300. Value of any gun is based on exact make, model, condition, and originality.

What is the value of your 9mm luger mauser parabellum mauser werke a g oberndorf a n pistol?

value depends on overall condition

What caliber is your 1914 spanish mauser rifle?


What is the value of a erfurt 1916 mauser?


What is the value of a mauser 45?

Requires professional appraisal

What is value of German Mauser 9951 pistol?


What is the value of a 1940 Mauser karabiner 98k?

depends on condition

What is the value of a 7mm 1928 mauser?

50-200 or so

Value of mauser 32 automatic handgun?


What is the value of the mauser k98?

They vary. It can be anywhere from $300-2500

What is the value of mauser 760?

100-400 USD or so

Mauser-werke-rg obernborfrn orpuap 845 542845 7.65 32cal value?

10-100 USD or so

I have an old Mauser gun it says it is an 1895 model Was it made in 1895 and how can I find out what it's value is?

It means they began making that MODEL of Mauser in 1895. You will need to have someone that knows older Mauser makes a hands on assessment of your rifle. Value depends on make, model, condition- and with military riles, originality- modifications lose value.

What do the numbers on an old spanish mauser rifle signify?

Usually the sn and caliber

What is the value of a 1909 mauser rifle?

50-500 depending on specifics.

What is the value of a mauser 3000?

100-1000 USD depending on specifics

What is the value of a 8mm mauser?

100-1000 and up depending on specifics

What is the value of a mauser 1914 7.65?

50-500 depending on EXACTLY what you have.

Mauser 7.6254 rifle value?

50-500 US Dollars

What is the value of Mauser Model 2000 rifle?

100-1000 usd

Find Remington firearm 7mm s m?

The 7MM is short for the caliber 7X57mm which is the 7x57mm Mauser Cartridge. When the Rolling Block was made in the late 1890's and early 1900's, the S.M stood for Spanish Mauser. The Spanish model 1893 mausers shot the 7x57mm round. the US was on the receiving end of that fine round in the Spanish-American war. At the time, the 7x57mm was known as the 7mm Spanish Mauser round.

What is the value of a Mauser 7.65 serial no 192416 chrome plated with side markings waffenbrink mauser ag aN mausers patent?

10-100 usd

What is the value of a mauser 6.35 pistol?

Today I was told by my gun dealer that my Mauser 6.35 manufactured before January 1914, that the value was between $300 and $350. I would estimate that mine is in very good condition.