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Assuming 90% condition, a rariity for a gun that was ordinarily well-used and not stored carefully away, the value would range from $1,600 to $2,000 in this fairly rare 25-35 caliber.

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Q: What is the value of a Winchester 1894 30 W.C.F. saddle ring rifle with nickel steel round barrel manufactured in 1907 with a peep sight and the original saddle ring in fair condition?
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What is the value of a 44 WCF Winchester SN337215 and when was it manufactured?

To get a accurate value of your Winchester you will need to include the following information.The model number of your Winchester,the serial number(already included),the barrel length,type of barrel(round or octagon) the amount of finish remaining,and overall condition of the rifle including the bore.

Can you tell an estimated value or when this rifle was manufactured Winchester 1894 model 32 Winchester special 26 inch barrel in mint condition serial 786712?

Winchester Model 1894 serial number 786712 was manufactured in the year 1915. The value can only be determined by a visual inspection and evaluation. Bert H.

What is the book value of a Winchester model 12 manufactured in 1926 with a modified choke in very good condition?

i would need the gauge of the gun and the barrel length and if it is a plain barrel or ribbed barrel also if there appears to be any alterations done to it .

What is the value of a Winchester model70 manufactured in 1965 243 cal with varmint bull barrel and checkered stock with cheek piece in very good to excellent condition?


What is the value of the oliver Winchester original octagonal barrel?

Just the barrel?

What is the price of a Winchester 12 gauge shotgun manufactured in 1905 with serial number 260904?

Before a price can be determined we must establish what model of Winchester shotgun that you have,and determine the overall condition of your shotgun.How much blueing is remaining,how much original finish is left on the wooden forearm,and butt stock?Is the bore inside the barrel in good condition?All these factors determine the value of your shotgun.also include the model number,along with the serial number to help identify what shotgun that you have from Winchester.

What is the value of an octagon barrel 1886 Winchester 4570?

It could be considerable depending on the rifles overall original condition.If your rifle has not been changed from its original condition,anywhere from 2,000-4,250 dollars.

What is a the value of a Winchester model 1892 32cf 24inch octagon barrel manufactured in 1906 excellent condition?

Your rifle has been selling in the range of 1,200-1,500 dollars in the condition that you describe on the gun selling sites on the internet.

What is the value of a Winchester model 94 serial 2226252?

Your 1956 made Winchester model 1894 are going for between 250-500 dollars depending on the overall condition and amount of original finish on the barrel and wood stock.

What is the model and value of a single shot Winchester rifle with an octagonal barrel?

This rifle was originally marketed as "The Winchester Singleshot", but is now usually designated the Model 1885. Yours was manufactured in 1892. Value will depend on it's exact configuration and condition, but the most common types in "average" condition will bring $1200-$1500.

What is the value of Winchester Model 94 serial 2462589 with a 24 inch round barrel in excellent condition with 90 percent original blue?


37A Winchester 12 Gauge 36 Barrel shotgun what is it worth?

90-200 dollars,depending on overall condition and showing between 60%-80% of its original finish.

What are 2 Winchester Model 94 Cowboy Commemorative round barrel rifles with consecutive serial numbers worth in the original box with original papers never fired and excellent condition?

400-1000 USD or so

What year was Winchester model 12 16 gauge serial number 239192 made and how much can it be worth?

Your serial number indicates that your Winchester model 12 shotgun was made in the year 1920.The value cannot be determined without a much more detailed description of your shotguns overall condition,to include the amount of original blueing left on the metal,original finish remaining on the wood,and barrel type(plain,or solid matte rib,or vent rib barrel).Barrel condition(any pitting in the bore)etc.

What is the age of your Winchester model 21 12 gauge double barrel shotgun serial 1324?

"Your" Winchester Model 21 Double Barrel Shotgun was manufactured in 1933, giving it an age of 77 years, as of 2010.

What is the Value of 32 Winchester Special Model 94 serial number 1066114 with 20 inch carbine barrel excellent condition?

Your Winchester model 1894 carbine was made in 1929.That said these pre-war winchesters have respectable value.A model 1894 in 60% original condition can fetch 400 dollars and a gun in 80% original condition with a fine bore may bring 650 dollars and upward.

How much is a Winchester Model 67A boy's rifle with a 20inch barrel and no serial number worth?

The value of a Winchester Model 67A boy's rifle with a 20 inch barrel depends on its condition. This gun in excellent condition is valued around 100.00 as of 2014.

When was a Winchester 12 gauge model 37 shotgun with a 36 barrel manufactured and what is it worth?

It was made in 1937.

What year was Winchester model 61 22 caliber with octagon barrel rifle were manufactured?

Provide sn.

How much is an excellent condition Winchester 94 30WCF with a double barrel worth?

Do you mean you have an extra barrel, or are you calling the tube magazine below the barrel another barrel?

What is the value of a 16 gauge Winchester model 24 double barrel shotgun?

The model 24 Winchester shotgun is selling for between 225 dollars for one in 60% original condition,up to 725 dollars for a nice specimen in 98% original condition.You can add a 20% premium to the above fiqures for one in 16ga.

What means Winchester proof-mark W over P?

It means 'Winchester Proofed'! Around 1903 or there abouts, all barrels installed by the Winchester factory started were stamped with a 'WP"within an oval on top of the barrel at the breech end just before the receiver, it was added the the top of the receiver where the barrel screws into it around 1905 when all Winchester's were stamped in both places. If a gun smith outside of the factory ordered a new or different caliber barrel from the factory to replace the 'original' one, it would be shipped with only a 'P' stamped onto the barrel instead of the 'WP'. This is a sure sign that the barrel on any Winchester was a replacement, and though a "Winchester" barrel it was not installed by the factory. Additionally, any rifle returned to the factory for barrel replacement AFTER 1905 would have one installed with the 'WP' on it, irregardless if the gun was originally made BEFORE 1903/05. For collectors this is an obvious indicator that the barrel is a replacement IF the serial number indicates it was manufactured BEFORE 1903. Hope this clears things up for you....................Regards, Marty

What is the value of a Winchester repeating arms co 22 cal rifle model number 67 manufactured in new haven conn?

There where 380,000 mfg between 1934-63. If you have the 27" barrel and its in 90% condition then its worth about $120-130..

Why does a Winchester 1890 manufactured 1909 with the barrel marked 22 Long shoot only Long Rifles?

Design and Manufacture

What is value of Winchester 1894 cal-38-55 ser-118976?

Your Winchester model 1894 rifle which was made in 1898,can easily bring in excess of 1,000 dollars for a example which is still in all original condition,exhibits a decent bore,and have 60% of its original blueing remaining.If you have a octagon barrel and any other special order features,the value will just keep climbing.I would have this rifle examined by a member of the Winchester collectors assoc. to asses your rifle as to condition,and finish and provide a value.