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Your coin has been chemically altered -- like with acid -- and has no added value.

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Q: What is the value of a dime that has not been stamped hard enough and is hollow on the edges?
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Value of 1974 penny with va state stamped on it?

The state was stamped on it after it left the mint. It has no collector value -- novelty value is perhaps 25 cents.

What does denomination mean for a coin?

Face value The value stamped on it

What is the value of your gold mens ring stamped BGE 925?

The value of your gold men's ring stamped BGE 925 is $13.28.

Is a stamped autograph the same as actually signing?

No. A stamped autograph is not an autograph. It has zero value.

What is the value of a luger stamped Krieghof-Suhl stamped 1936 with all matching numbers except the magazine?

value depends on overall condition

What is the value of an stamped wooden apple crate?

About a dime.

What is the value of a 40th anniversary stamped signature mickey mantle baseball?

What is the value of a stamped mickey mantle baseball? Its the 40th anniversary 1956 triple crown season.

What is the value of a ring with 18kp stamped inside it?

The value of any piece of jewelry depends on several things. Some gold pieces are hollow and that makes them less valuable, while gold that is solid is worth more. The condition of the jewelry is important and age can also affect values.

Value non-stamped penny?

i have a penny ,the back is stamped ,the front is slightly stamped like an outline of the face , maybe 2 numbers ,very hard to see

What is the value of a nickel stamped on a penny?

A Buffalo Nickel stamped on a penny is worth $800.00. A Jefferson Nickel stamped on a ZN penny is worth $70.00. A Jefferson Nickel stamped on a CU penny is worth $60.00.

What is the value of a Spaulding baseball bat with Frankie frisch stamped name on it?

The value of a Spalding baseball bat with the name Frankie Frisch stamped on it depends on its condition. The value is generally between 400 and 2,300 US dollars.

Do Indian pennies have the word copy stamped on the back?

No, no genuine Indian Head penny is stamped "COPY" on the reverse, or obverse. All such examples are replicas containing no collector value. The only value that such coins have is the value of what they are made out of.