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Almost all convenience sroets have empty cardboard boxes that they will let you have for free, they also have sturdy plastic milk crates they will let you have.Good luck.

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Q: What is the value of a on Georgivs 1921penny?
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The value of this coin, a penny from (probably) South Africa depends on its condition and date (between 1937 and 1947). By the way, "GEORGIVS VI REX IMPERATOR" means "George the Sixth, King and Emperor" in latin.

What is the value of a 1919 Canadian dime with georgivs v deigra rex et ind imp?

Approximately $1-$2

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the value would probbally be pretty expensive because it would be considered an antique

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I have a "Georgivs VI REX Imperator" coin with 3 bars on the back forming an open inverted triangle with a flower & stem in the middle. Wnat demonination is this coin and does it have any value?

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It is a British Penny and a US coin cut in half and stuck to each other. It has no value.