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Q: What is the value of a weiman heirloom 453-58109 you cant find anything about it?
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What is the value of a round Heirloom Weiman Table marked 1-50100?

You might want to check again to make sure you have the piece that you have referenced. These are a very limited lot size and only a handful of these pieces are known to still exist. If it is in good condition it may be worth several thousand dollars to the serious collector.

What is the value of a complete set of Heirloom A Pfaltzgraff Pattern?


What is does the word heirloom mean in food?

Heirloom has nothing to do with food. It refers to something of family value being handed down from one generation to another.

What is the value of Weiman Heirloom end table marked 548 4500 and coffee table marked 494 5309 Mahogany leather inlay tops gold stenciling?

it was made in the early fifties and had anoyher side table andcoffee table.i got the same table at a yard sale for 12 bucks and thought i did awesome.its only worth 40-80 dollars

What ithe value of oneida heirloom sterling silver flatware damask rose pattern?


What is the value ofthe Franklin mint heirloom recommendations teddybear marionettes plate no9a1287?

The Magic of Cinderella

Does age increase value?

it depends. a old peice of cake as no vaule but an old family heirloom or sword is of more vaule then most new

What is the value of an Eclipse Company double barrel?

Priceless as a family heirloom, but otherwise only valued as a mantle decoration. Typically, $125-150.

What if your remedy at law is generally monetary damages while in equity you ask the court to do something Why how historically did this division arise?

This division arose because in some cases money was not an appropriate remedy. When the dispute is over an heirloom, for example, the damaged party would want the heirloom back instead of its monetary value,

What is the value of a Wm A Rogers Sterling Silver Heirloom flatware service for 12?

I have found what someone believes to be a silent butler. It is tornished beyond retoration . It is marked F.B Rogers. Is it of any value. Trade mark 1883 or 1893 (not at my disposal at the moment) It has the number 171 below the trade mark. The top seems to be cooper based . My question is what is the base made of cooper or brass plated. It sands off looking like brass.

What goods can a bailiff levy in the UK?

Anything up to the value of the debt. Anything up to the value of the debt.

What is a civic value?

a civic value is anything that is special in civics