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T. Barker was a brand name used by Sears on inexpensive imported shotguns circa 1900. If it is really mint (unfired, practically untouched since it was manufactured), a T. Barker double barrel shotgun might bring over $200. Some were manufactured by Crescent Arms, Meriden, CT, and some were imported from Belgium. Laminated steel refers to the method of manufacturing the barrels by hammer-welding strips or wires of steel around a mandrel. The Belgian part does not necessarily mean it was manufactured in Belgium, only by the Belgian method. DO NOT SHOOT THIS GUN WITH MODERN AMMUNITION. The laminated barrels would have been proof-tested for black powder, and after 100 years of use and/or abuse, they may no longer be safe even with the originally intended loads. Here's an article about these old guns: General value is around $125-$150 as a mantle decoration. depends on which company made it and what condition it in.I saw a T. Barker go for 450.00 dollars last week at a gun show

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Q: What is the value of laminated steel belgium?
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What is a Falcon Arms double barrel Hammerlock shotgun 20646 made with belgium laminated steel worth?

What is Belgium laminated steel?

This is a method used to make shotgun barrels in the 1800's and early 1900's. Wires or thin steel strips were wrapped around a mandrel and hammer-welded. Belgian laminated would be one of the least expensive types of laminated barrels.

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Whatever a yuppie will pay for a mantle decoration. Probably $150-$200. Laminated barrels are not considered safe for use with modern ammunition.

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If you're lucky about £400.00

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the gun has two hammers and on the barrels is stated laminated steel

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about 150-200 if it has a nice petina and no rust, decent furniture, down to 35-50 as a wall hanger or lamp.

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I have an identical shotgun. Same markings, date, laminated barrel, etc. but no gold emblem. I'm also interested in the value. Mine has a cracked stock.

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