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2 squared is 4

3 cubed is 27

27 plus 4 is 31

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Q: What is the value of the expression r2 plus s3 when are equals 2 and s equals 3?
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R2 plus 10r plus 25?

The quadratic expression: r2+10r+25 = (r+5)(r+5) when factorised

What is r2 equals -2r plus 35?

r -31

What is 5 plus 6 equals plus 9?

It's an incorrect statement. 5 plus 6 equals plus 11. Also, pi R round, cornbread R2 .

Equation of director circle of the circle x2 plus y2 equals r2 is?

x2 + y2 = 2r2

What is the equivalent resistance when R1 equals 1 ohm and R2 equals 3 ohm whose total resistance equals R1 R2?


What is r squared plus r squared?

r2+r2 = 2r2

In 2x plus 6y equals 32 what is x?

2x plus 6y equals 32 32 divided by 6= 5 R2 5+2= 7x6= 42-5=37-2=35 so X=5

X2 plus y2 equals 100 what is the lengrth of the circles radius?

X2 + y2 = 100 = r2 r = 10

What is r2 equals 17?

If: r2 = 17 Then: r = the square root of 17

LCM of r2-25 and r2 plus 14r plus 45?

The LCM is r^3 + 9r^2 - 25r - 225.

How do you solve r 5r plus r2?

The question cannot be solved because, thanks to shortcomings of the browser that is used for posting questions on WA, there is no equals symbol. I suggest you resubmit using words like plus, minus, equals to get around the browser problems.

Multiply r2 plus 7r plus 10 over 3 by 3r-30 over r2-5r-50?


WHAT IS R1 plus R2?

r1 plus r2 is the measurement of the combined electrical continuity of the phase conductor and circuit protective conductor on and electrical circuit.

What is pi r2 divided by 2 plus 80 times 50?

(pi*r2)/2 + 4000

What is the value of R in R squared -16 equals 0?

R2 - 16 = 0 R2 = 16 Take the square root of each side to get rid of the square on R. R = 4

Does x2 plus y2 equals 8 make a hyperbola?

No, any equation of the form x2+y2=r2, with r as any number, makes a circle centered at the origin with radius r. Hyperbolas can be of the form xy=k or x2-y2=r2.

Find the radius of a circle with the equation x2 plus y2 equals 16?

x2 +y2 = R2 =16 = radius 2 R = 4

How do you factor r2 plus 4r plus 4?

(r + 2)(r + 2)

What kind of equation is r2 equals x2 plus y2 plus z2?

A Diophantine Equation. In order to solve it, you should use Euclide's algorithm.

What is r2 plus 6r-7 quadratically factorized?

r2+6r-7 = (r+7)(r-1) when factored

WHAT is r squared plus 9?

It could be lots of things. One answer can be: r2 + 9 = r2 + 32.

What is the value of the old R2 note in SA?


How do you factor r2 plus 5r?

r(r + 5)

What is pi times r2?

pi times radius or diameter equals are of a cirlce

Which expression gives the surface area of a sphere with radius r?

Surface area = 4*pi*r2