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when you multiply two minus numbers the minus signs cancel each other out so -12 * -6 = 72

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Q: What is the value of x in the equation -12x equals 72?
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How do you solve -12x equals 72?

-12x = 72 Divde both sides by -12 to find the value of x: x = -6

What is answer to this problem -12x equals 72?

x = -6

What is the answer to -12x equals 72?

We'll go ahead and find the answer, even though we're not completely convincedthat you know what the question is.-12x = 72Divide each side of the equation by -12:x = -6

2x-3y equals -1 y equals -4x plus 24?

2x - 3y = -1 Eq.1y = -4x + 24 Eq.2Put the value of Eq.2 on Eq.22x - 3(-4x + 24 ) = -12x + 12x -72 = -114x -72 = -114x = 72-114x = 71x= 71/14 .............. X = 5.07

What is the answer to 9y-12x-72 when doing standard to slope intercept form?

Without an equality sign it is not a straight line equation but if you mean 9y-12x-72 = 0 then y = 4/3x+8

What is 12x 6?


How do you answer 2xยฒ plus 6x minus 8 equals 72?

Using the quadratic equation formula the value of x is -8 or 5

Can someone find the answer 12x-14w plus 103y plus 72 plus 16-56 plus 0-65 plus 2w plus 0 equals?

12x-14w+103y+72+16-56+0-65+2w+0 original = 12x-14w+2w+103y+72+16-56+0-65+0 group = 12x-12w+103y-33 answer

What is the solution to -12x -72?


What is 3x plus 27 equals 12x-45?

3x+27=12x-45 Bring x to one side and the numbers to the other 45+27=12x-3x 72=9x x=8 For any step you don't understand message me

What is the value of x with 4x equals 72?


What is the y-intercept of y equals x plus 72?

Plug in zero for x and solve the equation to get 72. In other words, the line created by this equation crosses the y axis at 72 when the value of the x axis is zero. In the general form y = mx + b, b will always be the y intercept.

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