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let the no. be 'x'

therefore, the expression of 5 less than a no. is,


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Q: What is the variable expression of 5 less than a number?
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Related questions

How can i write two less than a number x in variable expression?


How do you write 25 less than a number for algebric expression?

Subtract 25 from whatever variable you use for "a number". If your number is "x", then the expression becomes "x - 25".

What algebraic expression represents the phrase 100 less than a number?

Your variable (a number) X, minus 100. X - 100

What Three less than three times a number?

The expression can be thus: 3x-3 whereas x is the unknown variable

What is the algebraic expression for 58 less than a number?

In this case, you'll have to use a variable. Variables are basically a symbol which stands for a number. Let's use the variable "m". You're searching for 58 less than a number. That is basically just "word form" for a number, or a variable, minus 58. So if we use the variable "m", the expression will be m-58. Remember that you can use any variable you want.

What is a variable expression for 2 less than p?

It is: p-2

Can an expression have more than one variable?

Yes, an expression can have more than one variable.

What is the difference between 7 less than a number and 7 is less than a number?

7 less than a number is an algebraic expression. Given the number the expression can be evaluated. 7 is less than a number is a statement in the form of an inequality. It is true for some values of the number and not for others.

Write a variable expression for this amount seven less than z?

z - 7

What is the variable expression for the word phrase nine less than t?


What phrase describes the variable expression y - 5?

5 less than y

Which phrase describes the variable expression k - 7?

7 less than k

Translate the phrase into a variable expression Five more than a number?

N + 5 With "N" being the variable.

What is 7 less than twice a number?

If the number is n then twice the number is 2n and 7 less than twice the number is 2n - 7This could also be a boolean variable based on another variable. If the number is less than or equal to 3.5, the variable is false. Otherwise, it is true.

Nine more than a number write in pharse as an algebric expression use x for variable in your expression?

(x + 9)

Write a variable expression for 9 more than a number s?

s + 9

Write the phrase as a variable expression 11 more than a number?

n + 11

What is eight less than the quotientof x and 3 written in variable expression?

It is x/3 - 8

What is a algebraic expression for four less than a number?

a - 4

What does the less than or equal to symbol mean?

It means that the number or expression on the left of the symbol is less that the value or expression to the right, or that they are equal.

How do you write expression for 16 less than a number?

( n - 16 )

What is sixteen less than twice a number?

The expression is: 2x-16

How do we express three less than a number?

The expression is n - 3.

What is 2.5 less than a number d expression?

d - 2.5

Is a number an expression equation or inequality?

A number is an expression. It is not an equation, or an inequality, since it doesn't have an equal sign, or an inequality (greater than, less than, etc.) sign.