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Q: What is the variable in this expression 5n plus 2?
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Related questions

What sequence does the arithmetic variable 5n plus 2 represent?

Put n = 1, 2, 3, 4 etc in the expression 5n + 2 and evaluate to get the sequence.

Which is the variable in the expression 5n 2?


What is the variable in this algebraic expression 7d plus 2?

The variable is d, in the algebraic expression 7d+2

What is the variable in the algebraic expression 7d plus 2?

The variable is "d".

Prove for any natural number n the expression 2 5n plus 3 plus 5 n plus 3 n plus 2 is divided by number 17?

It is impossible to read exactly what the expression is - it looks like there are some operators missing from expression: between the 2 and 5n, between the 5 and n, between the 3 and n. As written it looks like: 25n + 3 + 5n + 3n + 2 = 33n + 5 which is not divisible by 17 for n = 1 (at least). Please re-ask your question spelling out every operator, eg 2 bracket 5n plus 3 close bracket plus 3 minus n...

What is 5nsq. plus 17n plus 6?

5n2 + 17n + 6 is a quadratic expression. It can be factorised as 5n2 + 17n + 6 = (5n + 2)(n + 3). The expression can be expressed as equal to to a fixed or variable amount when it becomes a function of n. Example : 5n2 + 17n + 6 = 7 or y = 5n2 + 17n + 6

7h-2 plus -51 what does h equals?

7h - 2 - 51 is an expression NOT an equation. An expression cannot be solved for the value of a variable.

Is an expression in one variable with a degree of 2 written in the form ax2 plus bx plus c?


How do you Solve 5n-2 plus 2 equals 4n?

5n-2+2=4n 5n=4n n=0

How do you simplify the expression -5n --3n?


What does the variable equal in -2(-7k plus 4) plus 9-13?

The given expression can be simplified to: 14k-12

What is the coefficient in this algebraic expression for 5a plus 2?

The coefficient is the number in front of the variable a, or 5.

What is 3n2 plus 5n plus 2?


5n plus 6 equals -4 what is n?


If A -3n plus 2 and B 5n - 7 what is the value of A - B in simplest form?

A - B = -3n + 2 - (5n - 7) = -3n + 2 - 5n + 7 = 9 - 8n

Is 2x plus 5y plus 2 a polynomial?

Yes, since the expression contains more than one variable, then 2x+5y+2 is a polynomial.

5n-4 equals 10n plus 6?

5n - 4 = 10n + 6-5n = 10n = -2

What is the answer to 5n plus 6 equals -4?

5n+6=(-4) n= (-2)

What is the variable expression is three times the quantity 2 plus a?

It is either 3*2 + a or 3*(2 + a)

What is the perimeter of 7n plus 2 plus 6 plus 5n plus 7n plus 3n equals?

22n + 2.

What is the variable in the expression 3x - 5?


What is 2n squared plus 5n plus 2?

That factors to (2n + 1)(n + 2)

What is the coefficent in this algebraic expression 7d plus 2?

The coefficient would be the number multiplied by the variable, in this case: 7

What is -3y plus 2-16?

It is an expression in the variable y. Since it is not an equation it cannot be solved.

2 plus t7 -1?

And what is the question? - The value of such an expression will depend on the value assigned to the variable, in this case, "t".