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It is: 3960 cubic inches

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Q: What is the volume 22in x 12in x 15in?
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What is 3.25 feet cubed converted to inches cubed?

1ft = 12in 1ft3 = 1ft x 1ft x 1ft = 12in x 12in x 12in = 1728in3 => 3.25ft3 = 3.25 x 1728in3 = 5616in3

How many cubic inches are in one cubic foot?

(12in x 12in x 12in) = 1,728 in3

What is a sq ft?

A square foot is 12in x 12in or 144 sq. in.

What is the inches of 27 foot?

1ft = 12in 27ft x 12in/1ft = 324in

How do you do the problem to get the inches in a mile?

1mi = 5280ft 1ft = 12in 1mi x 5280ft/mi x 12in/ft = 63360in

How do you find the volume 20 inch long 12 inch wide and 10 inch high?

The volume of your shape is found by multiplying all three dimensions together. 20in x 12in x 10in = 2400in = 200feet

How many feet are in 768 inches?

1ft = 12in 768in x 1ft/12in = 64ft

How many feet in 131 inches?

1ft = 12in 131in x 1ft/12in = 10.9in

How many boxes of 12x12 tiles do you need for an 8x6 room?

I assume you mean an 8ft x 6ft room, which is 48ft2. I assume you mean 12in x 12in tiles, which are 1ft2 tiles. I don't know how many tiles are in a box, but you would need 48 12in x 12in tiles.

How many feet is 495 cm?

1ft = 12in 1in = 2.54cm 495cm x 1in/2.54cm x 1ft/12in = 16.2ft

How many inches equal 3.5 ft?

1ft = 12in 3.5ft = 3.5 x 12in = 42in

How many square inches in twenty square feet?

1ft = 12in 1sq ft = 1ft x 1ft = 12in x 12in = 144 sq in 20 sq ft = 20 x 1 sq ft = 20 x 144 sq in = 2880 sq in.