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Impossible to answer ! We would need the rest of the dimensions to work out the volume for you !

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Q: What is the volume in cubic meters of a 10 foot container?
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What is the volume in cubic meters of a normal 40 foot container?

That is approximately 4,000 cubic feet.

What is the volume of water in liters in 1 cubic feet container?

About 28.32 liters per cubic foot.

Is foot more than cubic foot?

They measure different things. A foot is a linear measure, it measures distance or the length of something. A cubic foot (or any cubic measurement) measures the volume or capacity of a container. How much the 'stuff' the container can hold.

How much is one cubic foot?

One cubic foot is a measure of volume. A one cubic meter container could hold up about 264 gallons of water.

How many cubic foot is a container that contains 1500 liters of water?

Assuming the container is full at 1500 liters, the container's volume in cubic feet will be about 53 cubic feet (52.9720005, more precisely).

How many cubic meters are there in a 40 foot container?

To figure the volume, you would need to know the height. The formula for volume is length X height X depth. Here is an example: Length: 12.051m Width: 2.340m Height: 2.380m 12.051 x 2.340 x 2.380 = 67.11 cubic meters Drop roughly 5 cubic meters to be safe with your capacity if you are planning a shipment, as you cannot always fill up to the top.

How much cubic meter would in twenty foot box contain?

A 20-foot square box has a volume of about 226.534 cubic meters.

How many cubic meters are in a cubic foot?

1 cubic foot = 0.0283168466 cubic meters

What is the volume of a 20 foot container?

volume for 20 foot container

How many cubic meters in a foot?

1-2 cubic meters in a foot1 cubic foot = 0.0283168466 cubic meters

How do you Convert cubic ft to cubic meters for freight purposes?

1 cubic foot is 0.02831684659 cubic meters. Scroll down to related links and look at "Conversions of volume and capacity units".

How many cubic meters make one cubic foot?

0.02832 cubic meters per cubic foot.